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27 September 2006

In the great Ninja-Pirate Conflict, Saddam vehemently supports the Pirates.

THE INTERNETS -- Saddam Hussein has been banninated from his Civilization IV forum in Baghdad for the third time in a week after "defying instructions from the admin and being a fag." His six clanner buddies were also banned shortly afterwards following a flamewar. The discussion continued without their Ba'ath Party rhetoric relatively unmodified, though some claimed the admin, ZombieBaron, was in fact the "fag."

The seven are accused of crimes against netiquette for their constant flaming and immature sense of humor, and face both bannination and possible banning from Civ IV multiplayer. Saddam Hussein and his cousin Ali Hassan al-Majid, known as "Ch3/\/\ 4|_1", are also accused of "baseless polemical rhetoric" for comments during a political debate. Thousands of gamers are known to have been pwnt by Saddam in Civ. II, Civ. III, and Civ. IV.

Admin kHaLiFaToR opened IM conversations with a stern lecture to the former Iraqi admin. "WTF? Dood, u are not the admin now. u gots rights and obligations. This isn't wikipedia," he said. "u can defend urself, question othre uzerz n ir reddy to allow u to, but this is a forum, not a wiki. By dissin the court, ur only making yourself look like a n00b."

Saddam Hussein responded by flaming the kHaLiFaToR. His outbursts continued and the admin disconnected from AIM. "ur the n00b n ir the admin," t3h kHaLiFaToR said. As the other n00bz began to protest, he continued: "STFU, n00bz ... the adminz decided to banninate Saddam Hussein!!!1" Saddam Hussein then left the conversation with a smiley emoticon, reports say.

After further heated exchanges between the admin and the other n00bz, former mod Sultan Hashim Ahmad al-Tai was banninated, followed shortly afterwards by the other five defendants.