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The Kids show with 2 monkey puppets was a kids show with 2 monkey puppets. It was only aired on a Tuesday in 2005 on Nick Jr. at like... 5 AM. [1] That caused a whole lotta trouble and possibly changed the history of puppets as we know it (possibly hyperbole, but hey who cares?)! It was made by Rogers Bobsyouruncle and his little studio called Bobsyouruncle Studios.

Anyway, here's a little history[edit | edit source]

"Kids show with 2 monkey puppets" (yes that is the actual name) was actually made around the mid-to-late 90's, only featured in public access television beside the other blocks, like "Cap'n Video", "Fred Astaire Power Hour", and the other block with the dancing dudes. It was named "Kids show with 2 monkey puppets", because it was a... kids show with 2 monkey puppets. Anyways, the monkey puppets names were "Ooh Ooh" and "Aah Aah", "Ooh Ooh" was the idealistic monkey, full of hope and joy. Basically, the "haply monkey" of the two. lwhile "Aah Aah" was the Communist-like dictator of the fictional country called "Bananaland", where he points out flaws in "Ooh Ooh", and also kills him at the end of every episode. [2]. Basically the "evil and communist monkey" of the group. It actually garnered a cult following among nerdy people for it's black comedy and political ideals. But alas, like all things, it had to go mainstream due to a major slip-up.

The Incident[edit | edit source]

In March 12, 1996. The creator of "Kids show with 2 monkey puppets", Rogers Bobsyouruncle, was caught trying to sell kids his candy laced with cyanide. Even though only 2 kids were hurt, [3] it still broke Rogers' public image and he had to cancel all of his current and upcoming projects, including "Kids show with 2 monkey puppets". The series only developed 12 episodes before the incident, but only 3 episodes remain available, the other nine? Eh, probably stuck in a flea market somewhere.

But wait there's more![edit | edit source]

In 1997. Mr. Bobsyouruncle appeared in the public again! Why? He was actually promoting his new series called "3 alien puppets from outer space try to invade Uranus". It... didn't... catch on. Only one episode was made, and again lost in the flea market of doom.

How did it end up in the hands of Nick executives?[edit | edit source]

One day while visiting San Diego, California, workers Bill and Ted [4] thought it was fun to go to the flea market to buy some weird novelties, after searching for a couple of hours, they found a VCR tape labeled "KOOL KIDS SHO TAPING 1996", and bought it for the low price of 0 dollars (they traded).

The Broadcast[edit | edit source]

In a Tuesday at 2005, Nick Jr. decided to air "Kids show with 2 monkey puppets", and there was 2 sides of the coin. The first side was archivists and lost media people creaming their jeans when they saw the broadcast, and the other side was 2 million angry moms in the United States. People were angry at Nick Jr. for showcasing a (how you say) "communist monkey", and the murder of the optimistic monkey at the end! '''OH THINK OF THE CHILDREN!''' But, this was an opportunity for Mr. Bobsyouruncle (now living in his abandoned studio and probably suffering from severe debt) to talk to the masses and give them what for! It didn't work out. The masses were still ranting and protesting. Even though Mr. Bobsyouruncle gave a well thought speech, the crowd thought he was some kinda ranting hobo.

Who is to blame?[edit | edit source]

Former president George W. Bush and his crew of everyone in the White House approached the president of Nickelodeon, who was a clown. He said that none of his workers knew the tape and only two guys know, problem was that the two guys left the company to make a career out of selling socks. So, George made a search party to find those guys, only to no avail. Turns out the clown made the whole story up along, and was sent to prison after that, and then replaced by a person who was not a clown. And when they finally caught the two guys (Bill and Ted), they found out that they were actually (unsurprisingly) a red herring, because they didn't made the tape just bought it from a flea market! So, there was only one option left... and that was to call Rogers Bobsyouruncle.

The Call, in question[edit | edit source]

  • Bush: Hello? Is this, "Roger Bobsyouruncle"?
  • Bobsyouruncle: Why yes, this is Roger Bobsyouruncle.
  • Bush: We would like to talk about that one kids show you've.. uh... made in the 90's... Y'know, the monkey puppets with the monkey communist?
  • Bobsyouruncle: ...
  • Bush: Rogers? Rogers?!! ROOOOGERRRRRSSSSS!!!!!

The Death of Rogers Bobsyouruncle[edit | edit source]

Sadly, Rogers Bobsyouruncle died that day that call was made, he was suffering a bad case of Whothehellknows-itis, so the security team had to go to his studio / home and stuff him in a body bag. While visiting the abndoned studio, they also found the monkey puppets along with the following:

  • A toy gun
  • Pictures of kids
  • Clown makeup
  • A Phonebook with random doodles on the pages
  • Other stuff we shouldn't list because it might be too graphic
  • A toy gun
  • Some weird animal costumes
  • 10 disembodied mannequins
  • A toy gun
  • And... an 11 year old chicken nugget stuffed in the pants of Mr. Bobsyouruncle.

Moral of The Story?[edit | edit source]

Nothing. None. Nada. (Well except the part where Rogers tried to sell kids some candy laced with cyanide... that'll teach you a lesson or two.)

Notes[edit | edit source]

1.^  The time changes each telling of it.
2.^  It's a running gag! Don't worry!
3.^  We pray to God it was 2 kids.
4.^  Fictional names used, we do not wanna be sent to jail by the lawyers.