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Cretin Uncyclopedia is a troll version of uncyclopedia and is the antithesis to Uncyclopedia, regardless of the fork and the spoon. The wiki is infamous for all sorts of cretins, including bronyfags, furfags, Nintendo fanboys and all sorts of inhabitants of hell, and unlike the better cretin wiki Encyclopedia Dramatica, it does nothing other than creating libel, slander, faggotry and literally forcing established bloggers and wikipedians to quit the internet. (Actually, they don't.) In fact, it has been considered "The worst wiki ever" and is a public enemy for all wikis. The wiki is ran by the infamous loser "Bosco Wilde" and it's motto is "The Encyclopedia From Hell".


The Cretin Uncyclopedia is created by "Bosco Wilde", a 2D pedophile, Weeaboo and a devoted fapper of Lolicon and is also a Preggophile. As a result: He would like to see anime lolis Pregnant. Since his shit were neither welcome in the fork or the spoon, he decided to start his own wiki where he will plan his "internet revolution" to dumb down everyone's IQ and EQ with vulgar cretin content. His wiki soon attracted Sheep and puppets who think they are going to change the world, like Bronies, weeaboos, Nazis, Fanboys, furfags, and all sorts of nasty people. Together, they become a faux trolling force who does nothing good other than pratice their immature trolling against all other wikis, making them a form of "Anti-faggotry faggotry".

What they think they are.
What they actually are.

Participation in the Gheymergays event[edit]

Right after Gheymergays produced their gigantic piece of shit Known as "Abomination Unleashed" They started an attack on gheymergays' Twitter with a massive bunch of bots saying that they are fools and scammers but they forgot to make a program to bypass the captcha so they only stopped for 1 comment per bot. This was treated as a foolish joke by gheymergays and they failed. But on the next day they hacked Gheymergay's twitter and have them post their dox as well as making a script so they can't block anyone, then they now put the captcha-bypassing program on their bots and ruined gheymergheys' account for 3 hours. They were forced to abandon their twitter account only to make another one 3 hours later. Gheymergays criticized the wiki as "Shitty chaos that entertains no one". They are nothing other than hypocrites.

Uncyclopedia attacks[edit]

Bosco wilde commanding his army to faggotry.

The first cretin uncyclopedia attacks on the true uncyclopedia appeared in the june of 2016 where they created pages about uncyclopedia users being no-lifes and furfags who do nothing other than fucking horses, but in reality it was them so after 3 weeks of extreme vandalism they left and it took 6 weeks to clear all of this shit. Then they started another attack on the spoon and called the admins there traitors and furfags and since they have Wikia accounts, they edit their featured articles and replaced their UnNews template with lolis being pregnant with maggots, along with the title "HEIL BOSCO WILDE!!!" After 4 weeks, the spoon admins successfully cleared all the vandalism, accompanied with wikia sysops. After than Cretin uncyclopedia regularly harasses both uncyclopedias with their sheer faggotry until the admins simply ignore it. Then they changed this to once every 3 weeks. Eventually the word "Cretin" and "Bosco Wilde" has put into the register abusefilter of wikia and uncyclopedia but it still dosen't stop them from bypassing filters.

Wikipedia Attacks[edit]

In wikipedia, they usually attack using bots and spam wikipedia articles with incomprehensible nonsense. usually the wikipedia admins can stop an account in less than 3 minutes (But there's still around 20 pages vandalized) but there will be quickly another one, so basically wikipedia admins will have to take 3 hours to clear all of this mess. They don't attack wikipedia often, but when they do it's pretty awful.

Involvement with the brony fandom[edit]

Despite some of them are brony themselves, they hate other bronies because of their "obnoxious attitude" but in reality they will troll just about any person. As a result, Cretin uncyclopedia has unleashed numerous attacks on Brony sites like and equestria daily, usually by spamming their IRC chatrooms with ASCII art about how they are autists and how they deserved to by lynched. While in other times they spam the twitter accounts of brony leaders and force them to quit the internet, which won't work to anyone save for retards. They are also prone to post horse porn threads as well, usually with guro. Fun Fact; These are actually the fap fodder of Cretin uncyclopedia's bronies, but the usual brony would be scared of it anyway.

Encyclopedia Dramatica Attacks[edit]

They had attacked Encyclopedia Dramatica too, usually by gathering a bunch of cretins to post Kittens (Do not search it on ED) onto their articles, which only causes the cretin uncyclopedia to be washed by bots and All of it's contributors doxed. Still, they do not have conscience so they simply attacked other sites and established ED-class defenses.


Unlike the great and noble true uncyclopedia, Cretin uncyclopedia hosts the most humorless, bland and barefacedly offensive content in any site. The following is an example of their content's bland and tasteless faggotry:

  • Articles written in full RED LETTERS AND ALL CAPS
  • Frequent posting of their own fap fodder to attack organizations; such as using weird fetish porn to describe Zoe Quinn The whore of babylon, with the description of the image being "Zoe Quinn's The whore of babylon's true form"
  • Using comics drawn by known Nazis to describe Jews, such as this. (This is drawn by an actual neo-nazi)
  • Using images of Mr. Hands to represent Bronies. There's even a gif from the original horse fucking video to prove it. (Deleted later.)
  • When they trolled a weeaboo cosplayer once, they used MS paint to draw her getting raped by flies and another one having her becoming so fat that she explodes.

These are just one of the few examples of Cretin uncyclopedia's humorless and bland extreme faggotry and their blatant acts who serve joy for no one save for themselves. They are degenerates themselves so they are basically hypocrites deserving for attention, however.

Writing Guidelines[edit]

Their writing guidelines are known as "Cretin Uncyclopedia: How to be a cretin" which basically teaches people how not to edit in encyclopedia dramatica or BOTH uncyclopedias. However, that thing is actually a rule to edit in that wiki, and anyone who does not follow the rule gets themselves owned by "kittens" and blocked infinitely.


Cretin uncyclopedia has been sued over 50 times for libel and now they are happy for it. In fact, 99% of their content is libel, such as;

  • "A spoon sysop raped 10 horses during his vacation at a farm and died due to breaking his anus"
  • "Gaiginga the star is a pedophile, a scammer, a worthless faggot and a known sex scandal master who does nothing other than rape kids in duel masters tournaments" (That guy is a scammer and worthless faggot, but not a IRL pedophile in any kind.)
  • "Obama is a muslim, a communist, a known fapper of loli tentacle porn, the greatest brony of this world and is thus a known homosexual and you should keep your children away from him because he will rape them" (first, second and fifth is true but the rest are not)
  • "A weeaboo cosplayer is a muslim supporter, a traitor to humanity and a known puppet advocating for revolution, while in reality the very own "Revolutions" he's supporting is controlled by Jews and so are the muslims. He is also a proud supporter of japanese militarism and dumbfoundingly believes that Japan will conquer america and china. (The last is true but the rest are not.)

This is just a few out of the numerous examples that cretin uncyclopedia spreads misinformation to an extent that it's basically libel. The great uncyclopedia does spread misinformation but it does not do anything like this. nor does the spoon or Encyclopedia Dramatica. This is literally the among one of the worst wikis to ever live and some consider them not humans, but monsters who do nothing other than showing the world how hypocritical they are.



Bosco Wilde[edit]

Bosco wilde is the founder of this wiki. A former editor of both uncyclopedias and a profound lolicon and egg-laying fetishist, he is the epitome of a Sick Fuck and does nothing other than force in-jokes upon other uncyclopedians and participating in drama. He was quickly infi-blocked in the spoon after 3 days and after 8 months he was banned on the fork as well. As his "Cretin-style" was not welcomed on both wikis, he started his own wiki, which he claimed as "The most degenerate wiki ever" and "The hell of wikis" and started attracting degenerates and cretins of all sorts. He did not use wikia, for he knows that hosting service is terrible, but he did open his own wiki and attracted all sorts of degenerates who would attack just about anyone and any site. He is worshipped as god of the site and is assumed to be no more than 19 years old.


Fackaroo is Bosco Wilde's friend and is a Chinese american weeaboo who happens to be also a conspiracy theorist. He think that there is a vendetta to have the world collapse to islam rule (Which is true) and also believes that the japanese will take care of it. (Big fat Lie.) He is in operation of most of the trolling events that are organized by cretin uncyclopedia and is also a professional creator of bots. He may be much older than Bosco Wilde. (Around 20 to 30?)


Master Luna[edit]

Don't be fooled; This is a BIG FAT MAN and is also definitely a brony. His fetish is pony lesbian sex and would also like to see the ponies with horsecocks. What makes him stand above most bronies is the fact that he thinks all of the other bronies are too tame and he is the most hardcore. A proud member of many furry sites aside of DeviantART who banned him for his hardcoreness.

ArchTroll Gaius[edit]

A "Troll" who actually faps to pokemon bestiality. His favourite pokemon are the dragon ones because he is actually a scaly. His dream is to "Have sex with Goodra" which indicates his sheer faggotry. He is also narcissistic and would only allow him or other sysops edit his articles and will only attack other sites himself. He usually attacks with bots.

HeilStalin's known sign.


A known communist and crack conspiracy theorist who thinks the things he see on russian today is true. Also a proud Russian and supporter of Putin. He thinks the euromaidan is a Nazi coup and the americans and jews are evil. His sign is the "Greater Flag of offending".


Weeaboo. does nothing other than fixing mistakes and all sorts of cleanup work.

How to Troll[edit]

Just don't. Their sheer dumbfoundery and faggotry will simply have your conscience and ass ruined. Just treat them like ED; Don't touch them and they don't touch you. They are like animals and they don't care who you are. For they are cretins and are literally insane.

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