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Users that speak Perl.

  • 0 User does not understand this language. <?php print "PHP rulz ur a$$~!!1!11!"; ?>
  • 1 User has basic understanding of this language. In that he/she still hates use strict.
  • 2 User has intermediate understanding of this language, and is just starting to get little $'s burned in his/her retinas.
  • 3 User has advanced understanding of this language and probably gets all the stupid camel jokes.
  • 4 User has near-native understanding of this language, claiming that you can pry his/her regexes out of his/her cold, dead hands.
  • N User is a native speaker of this language, and is thus Larry Wall.
  • A User speaks this language with a thick accent, which should be fixed as soon as you use utf8.
  • E User learned this language in school and never used it since, most likely because the l33t host he/she uses uses PHP.
  • F User got an F in this language, rightfully so, because nobody cares about Perl.
  • G User wants to remove this language from existence, probably because he/she learned ASP first and was told Perl was teh evil.
  • L User has a lisp that affects how they speak this language. Lisp and Perl hackers are generally incompatible.
  • P User is a profane speaker of this language. Have you ever seen a Perl poetry jam? They're not pretty.
  • X User only speaks this language enough to seduce native speakers of this language. for($i = $good_time; ;) { join "<3", @us; }

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