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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Roundabout, or Circles? How about Bogan?

“Porn and whores, and roundabouts; three things dear to my bosom.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Canberra.
Location The ACT - above Queanbeyan (Qbyn is also known as the hole or Struggle Town)
Discovered 1913
Currency Rich dollars
Population Andy, Bill, Trev, Barry, Trev, Barry, Bill, Andy, Andy, Barry, Trev, Bill, Sally, Andy, Andy, Andy, Cleatus, Trev, Barry, Bill, Trev, Andy, Achmed.
Threat level
David "Very boring. I would not go and see it if it was in the movies. 1 star from me."
Margaret "Now David I disagree, I feel this film portrayed low life scum very well. David, if you wax my beard for me I will give it 4 stars."
David "Ok fair enough. I'll wax your beard."
Margaret "ooo yes!.. no wait. That's so good that I'll give this movie 5 stars!"
David "Ok. 5 stars from me too!"
ABC Producer "Stop role reversing, and stop taking up unnecessary space in this infobox!.. The ABC doesn't need ratings!"

Canberra (pronounced "Can-bra") is the capital and biggest-little-city of Australia. The city was designed by an elderly British man to trap tourists in an arcane and diabolical web of roundabouts and eye-sores, commonly known as "government buildings" or "private schools". Canberra is known for its weather - The average winter temperature is -17°C and the average summer temperature is 93°C. On days like the latter, the Manuka socialites can be seen sitting in the sun, inhaling exhaust fumes as their varied plastic additions melt.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Canberrans are well known for their love of firecrackers, porn and roundabouts. What is generally not known is the basic love for the Serbian people that all Canberrans share, although this has caused problems for the local Lesbian population who do not wish to be associated with them.

Canberra is a large inland fishing village by the sea (Queanbeyan, when it fills up with water) inhabited by public servants and politicians. Australian ex-prime minister John Howard was supposed to live in Canberra, but due to a chronic allergy to large boring suburbs, he continued to live in Sydney at a place called Hillbilly House before spectacularly losing the election to Kevin Rudd in 2007. However in 2010 Julia Gillard took over from Kevin Rudd, and opted to stay in her current home because she was afraid oppostion leader Tony Abbott (pronounced Tony Ab-lett) would be able to see her dye her hair.

Canberra is located near a large metorite crater known as Queanbeyan (or simply 'the hole'); it is so enormously deep that many scientists blame it for the destruction of the dinosaurs.

Canberra is also home to the Australian Parliament, a mental institution used to rid the streets of the most foul and insane of the Australian population, drawn by cartoonists for the daily papers and occasionally used for politics, a move that is almost universally opposed by other nations of the world (if not the Australian pollies themselves).

History[edit | edit source]

Canberra was originally discovered by viking seafarers who got really lost and quickly decided that it would be too cold to settle there for very long; they called it "Yggr" (Norse for terrible location), and quickly left the place where it remained undiscovered for a thousand years until it was rediscovered.

Initially Sydney and Melbourne both wanted to be the capital. It was then pointed out just how many new politicians and new public servants would be created, both immediately and projecting forward. The people changed their minds very quickly. It was a case of "no, you have it" and "get stuffed, you have it". In the end Sydney and Melbourne couldn't agree about whether Townsville, Queensland or Victoria should be the national capital of Australia. They imported Hurley Griffin, a maize farmer from Illinois, and paid him tuppence to jump from a dirigible into a random location in the bush. There, in that random spot, would be the splendid capital of the new Australian nation.

The spot where Hurley Griffin landed -- on October 9, 1901 -- became the site now known as Canberra.

Eighteen years later, a group of travellers, making their way through the bush of Fyshstick stumbled upon a gigantic lake (Lake Hurley Griffin), wide planned boulevards, and short concrete government buildings. Canberra had arrived on the world scene. Soon, people other than Hurley Griffin found themselves living there, too, and they found themselves just as bored as Hurley Griffin himself.

Griffin had added various artistic touches to symbolize Australia. The streams diverted to flood a nice valley for Lake Hurley Griffin, which represented Australia's profligate and destructive water policies. And all traffic lights were banned, instead roundabouts were used, with cars just going around and around and around and around, symbolizing the circular and essentially pointless nature of politics, and by inference the city itself.

Canberra was built inland, miles and miles away from anything. This was to avoid naval artillery. The great visionaries of Australia thought that military technological advancement would stop completely because everyone was a stupid and lazy like them.

The Canberra Tourism Bureau promotes Canberra as one of the "world's great cities*". What's not known is the footnote they're obliged to add to each such brochure "*If you ignore all other world cities except Queanbeyan, which is a hole." That footnote came about after the Australian Competition Consumer Commission (ACCC) prosecuted them for a "misleading statement" under the Trade Practices Act (see Regina v CTB, Commonwealth law reports 1970). It was also misleading because 50 politicians, a mall and a kangaroo do not constitute a city by ISO standards. The reasons for this are as yet unclear, but the presence of fireworks and shops for erotic material did help Canberra's case and it was allowed to remain a city, providing it kept quiet about it. Today, Canberra enjoys a status unique it, being the only city in the world considered by all world governments, including al Qaeda and newly formed fascist state of Costa Del Pom to be completly devoid of any reason for existence.

On the 22nd of August 2011, an association of inbred West Australians and equally inbred but much fatter truckies from numerous other states declared a war of the Jew-liar (a demigod amorphous lizard-spirit which exists only in their imaginations) and carbon, the latter being a substance they staunchly disagree with. However, due to the fact that they come from extremely underpopulated regions (partly because of their continued successful genocide of Aborigines) they thought that four trucks were many trucks, and would make a bold statement, rather they are now being ridiculed for not being here, and getting drunk in Hall.

Things to see and do[edit | edit source]


Seriously go to the coast or Sydney, but if you insist....

Roundabouts[edit | edit source]

The vast majority of Canberra's tourists agree that the best thing to do in Canberra is to go around the thousands of roundabouts. This is really the only thing that differentiates Canberra from really boring places, as even Pyongyang has enough sense not to use roundabouts.

The National Museum[edit | edit source]

Built as a sop to the lefties by the Howard government, this travesty, is the so-called "National Museum". Ranked as the #1 Hardest Thing to Find EVER, and also affectionately known as 'That Big Ugly Thing'.

It is a set of ugly, mismatched buildings surrounding a baking hot carpark shaped like Arnhem Land, with metal spikes set into it for children to impale themselves on. Conceptually, it's built around themes invented by some art student: 'togetherness', 'thrill', 'passion', 'dookie', 'things I found under the couch', and a couple of others.

The Museum stands on the site of an ancient Indian Burial Ground. Prior to the museum there used to be a public hospital, but the ACT Local Council symbolically demolished it. To this day a small gathering occurs on the anniversary of the "implosion" for a party.

That National Museum may, in fact, be the finest and longest-lasting act of satire perpetrated by the Howard Government. And that's saying something.

Garema Place and the Emo Farm[edit | edit source]

Garema Place is the most slum-like area of Canberra, with 87% of Canberrans calling it home, lucky them.

Also, while in the vicinity of Garema Place, be sure to avoid the regular drop-kicks there. Be sure to keep a can of capsicum spray on you, as these people think they're so important and significant that they might try and confront you and "explain" to you why you're not as "awesome" as they are.

You can find your local emos and 'scene' kids there, complaining about how normal people don't have lives, yet they are 19 and working at KFC for a living.

Old Parliament House[edit | edit source]

Known affectionately as 'that bloody ugly thing', it is known to be so white that it has burned out the eyes of numerous people. It was created during the peak of the 'White Australia Policy', which is obviously why it is so white (Prime Minister of the time James Scullin rejected the first design of a black sheep with a boomerang sticking out of its arse). Formerly surrounded by sheep and useless farmland, it now faces over Lake Shithole and the Abodiginal Tent Thing. But, of course, it isn't as bad or ugly as...

Parliament House[edit | edit source]

Or the "Monstrosity on the hill" is where our leaders and their staff make the country 'better' for us lowly peons. Around 47% of staff do nothing but wear the fact they work there as a badge of honour when at pub trivia nights in Kingston. Affairs, sleazy sexual encounters, smoko/coffee breaks and flirtations are commonplace whilst doing actual work is rare. Just like the APS, employment is not based on merit but nepotism or sexual attractiveness.

The job of the politicians in the green house is to pass on bills to the red one. Once a bill reaches the red house it will be debated not on its merits but because the opposing parties enjoy arguing. The red house is renowned for spending entire sitting periods arguing with each other without result.

Above the red house is the press gallery. In here you'll find all manner of strange people from alcoholic writers to stoner cameramen. Their job is to race down to one of the 8000 courtyards and interview Hulk Hogan prior to his annual parliamentary address and arm wrestle with the minister for sport.

Public transport[edit | edit source]

Canberra has the worst public transport in the world. If it's a Sunday and you need a bus from Woden to Tuggeranong you'll be waiting for six hours and then pay over $9000 (US) for the service only to have some guy missing two chromosomes curse you in latin for the entire trip.

Every three weeks or so what passes for the local newspaper says a tram and high speed rail network should be built in the City. The amount of money spent on "assessing" these projects so far has been calulated to equal the building of new track between Sydney and Canberra.

So for the forseeable future the better option is to jump in a taxi and then fare evade.

Australian National University[edit | edit source]

The only University in Australia to be established by legislation, because no academic in 1750 in their right mind would put a research university in a sheep paddock. Originally for research only, the philosophers failed to come up with a grand new scheme to replace money... hence their search for funding resulting in undergraduates been allowed in. A rich new revenue stream was found in fee paying international students who between six figure tuition cheques speed around campus in DC plated Audis with nSync blaring.

Much like West Side Story, the campus has two distinct gangs. On the one side are the Trots (short for "Trotskys") who belong to the Socialist Alliance. Dishevelled, wearing 70s style cardigans and moe (even the women) whose dorms feature posters of Gorbachev in a Farah Fawcett pose. They implore students to abolish all on campus dining in favour of a single outlet dispensing Soy-lent Green. On the other side are the SlICKs (slicks who 99% of students are sick of), the student politicians, minority campaigners and social climbers who shout much while saying little, all while waving a business card or flyer at whoever will listen. Their future road map of mediocrity in community organisations and as advisors to second tier MPs in the Labor Party is a given. The latter is recognisable by their gang colours (bright, cheap t-shirts with slogans printed), insincere greetings and alcoholism disguised as campaigning.

Alexander Maconochie Centre[edit | edit source]

A home away from home, conveniently located on a major highway with unsecured car parking and nearby heliport with Bell 206 on 24hr call. Also 40 inch plasma tv's in each cell with a king single bed, shower, kitchen and a full set of kitchen knives.

Public Servants[edit | edit source]

There are also a lot of Public Servants (affectionately known as 'Pubes'), who you can annoy the hell out of if you know their phone number. All you need to do is call them up around 6pm-7:30pm, and try to sell them a holiday in a thick Indian accent.

Public servants can be identified by their "Australian Government" ID passes. They are frequently observed loudly discussing the time that they replied to an email from a minister, demonstrating their importance and relevance to the democratic system. Another fun way to annoy them is to point out that displaying their passes in public is a security breach as most wear them as a fashion statement.

Public servants often enter the public service through graduate programs, providing a job to recently graduated students who could not find employment in the private sector. By prioritising hiring towards students, it is ensured that the culture and productivity of the public service is never soiled by anyone with real world managerial or business experience. Graduates can be identified by their proclaiming "I'm an APS 4 but I do the work of an EL1" when introducing themselves at pub trivia nights.

Between meetings, email, training, morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea it is commonly accepted a high performing public servant performs 9.2 seconds of actual work per week

In keeping with this page being a more accurate reflection of Canberra than anything else available, keen observers may also spot a subspecies lurking around Civic: the lesser spotted ACT Public Servant. Looked down upon by those in vitally important Federal jobs, they work for the Territory's Government and its myriad of unnecessary departments (known everywhere else as a local council). Many flee persecution and migrate to the other side of the lake following whispers of higher pay packets and job satisfaction. The local mayor, sorry, Chief Minister had authorised millions of dollars of the ACT budget be poured into retention of those who chose to remain or were simply left behind. But everybody knew Captain Underpants was best suited to jumping out of helicopters to rescue downed pilots (true story), not making visionary policy decisions.

Many public servants spend all their weekends and spare time somewhere else other than Canberra. The rest masturbate over their degree in between meeting up for coffee with potential dates.

Parks and Gardens[edit | edit source]

Parks are becoming a rarity these days with so much construction sprouting around that it's hard to spot a tree that isn't in the process of being chopped down to make way for "innovation". Beware that what passes for a 'park' in Canberra is what most people would describe as a paddock, replete with vandalized playgrounds, un-mowed grass and ant nests. Vegetation in parks and gardens in Canberra is invariably wilting or dead. The only perennially green things in Canberra are the fume-belching buses.

Bogan Moths[edit | edit source]

Every summer, bogans fly up from the south in their millions and die pitifully in the glare of the spotlights at Regatta Point and Parliament House. Annoying, but not dangerous. In fact, a traditional food of the Ngnunnawal people. Try one - I dare you!

UniLodge[edit | edit source]

A grey concrete prison home to social misfits kicked out of home, political derelicts and foreign exchange students. The latter appreciate numerous cheap noodle bars and crowded living conditions that feel just like home. Broke and bored, they find solace in cheap booze, cheap music and are easy targets for local retailers needing cheap labour. Rumours of cannibalism persist as rents leave little money for food. During O-Week, the hallways adopt the character of the outback highways in Mad Max as horny armed gangs speed through the halls on Segways in search of drunk, scantily clad residents in the wee hours.

Though UniLodge men have a propensity to dress in women's clothing and fairy wings and local political power brokers are often seen leaving via a fire escape incognito in dark sunglasses around 3am, residents still take pride in not succumbing to many of the problems plaguing older campus residences. John XXIII College, a Catholic residential college for example is known to experience outbreaks of AFDSRC (Alcohol Fueled Drunken Sex Resulting in Crabs) Syndrome. Epidemiologists at the John Curtin School of Medicine and lost, horny post-grads from Burgmann note that these outbreaks are seasonal, occurring around O-Week and exams. They have identified the need though for further empirical research into the transmission vectors and risk factors.

It is believed the station chiefs from various local Embassies have moved into Unilodge, fearing their former covers as embassy staff were now too widely known. Organisations believed to be hiding among the diverse nationalities who call Unilodge home include the MSS, Politiets Efterretningstjeneste, SIS, Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure, Εθνική Υπηρεσία Πληροφοριών, Eftirgrennslanadeild Lögreglunnar and Útlendingaeftirlitið, BIN, MOIS, MOSSAD, Комитет Национальной Безопасности and most recently the KIO (see below).

KIO[edit | edit source]

The KIO, also known as Katter Intelligence Organisation though in reality a designation that's an oxymoron. Represents the intelligence branch (sic) of the mighty paramilitary forces ("Gendarmerie boganale") based in central Queensland belonging to Bob Katter. The KIO station chief can be recognised with the crude pumper sticker on their car featuring the latin maxim "No taxius, no thinkus, no poofus".

In addition to collecting intelligence on those lefty elements at the ANU and who reside in Unilodge, they are believed to be scouting for a location near the ANU Queerspace to open a rival "Straight Space" showcasing Katter's true vision. A vision of four guys standing around drinking XXXX stubbies in their underwear while chanting "nothing sus, nothing sus, nothing sus".

Ursula Hall[edit | edit source]

A statement to Soviet-inspired leftie architecture (that is, it looks like a slum in Vladivostok), Ursula Hall was recently awarded a unique honour amongst Australian university accommodation: Ugliest Hall/College Population! Due to dramatic changes in equality legislation it was declared that only ugly students would be accepted into Ursula Hall. This affirmative action policy has been hailed a repulsive success! The hall can declare a number of great ugly people amongst its alumni, such as Fatty O'Barrel, king of Sydney and empress of New South Wales.

Johns XXIII[edit | edit source]

Bacon*, yummy chewy smokey bacon*! If you park your car it will be on it when you get back. Open your dorm room, it will be there. Flush the toilet and bacon* will appear.

  • May be raw and still in original packaging.

Burgmann[edit | edit source]

Known across Canberra by phrases such as, "Jeeves!", "Daddy has the money", and "But did you not go to Knox[/Kings/Grammar/Sydney Boys High/]?" They've quickly earnt a reputation as soft. Most are postgraduates who seem to never work a real job, instead choosing to study degree after degree on the government dime while driving the Lexus daddy bought them to bribe them to move out. Residents are generally sexually repressed, with the internet bandwidth usage noticeable lower than other residence on campus. In fact it's the only residence not to cause the filter appliance in the ANU Data Centre to overheat at some point during O-Week as newbies download MPEGs while searching for answers to questions like "which way does it go", "how does it fit", "what if it breaks", "what if it's late" and WTF... child support?"

A room on the third level was once used to shoot an adult film prior to regulation in 1992. Following regulation and with the rise of webcam technology, it is now home to the 3rd largest adult film industry in the world behind Los Angeles and Miami. Content is largely available on private labels via P2P.

Pubs and 7-Elevens[edit | edit source]

Trying to find a pub in Canberra is like trying to find a politician who is not on a coffee break. Canberrans don't like to air their Cardonnay box out in public, classic Canberrans can be found creeping around in alleyways, slinking into non-descript doorways marked "VB" and "Coopers Ale". Travellers take note, all signs marked "XXXX" on any visible road does not stand for a beer that is made in Queensland.

There is a rainbow on the horizon though, all good corner stores and every 7-Eleven in sight can serve your beverage requirements. You can take a quick trip for 2 litres of milk and get some brandy to put in it without ever having to bump into your neighbours.

NOTE: There is no need for 7 - elevens. Canberra's night time food options have exploded in recent years. Now Canberra has the choice of 24 hour Macdonald’s, dirty over priced food vans and Civic pizza slice Vendors. These high quality establishments provide low quality food well past its expiration date. Keeping the food down is a big challenge. Plus the 5 litres of alcohol that is usually consumed before this. Just another dirty night out in Canberra

Leaf Blowers[edit | edit source]

Every household in Canberra has a leaf blower, since only Las Vegas needs to save electricity. There is nothing better than on a Sunday afternoon driving round the suburbs watching the blower wars in progress.

What you really shouldn't do[edit | edit source]

Do not visit or live in this cultureless, souless waste of a good sheeps paddock.

Interchanges[edit | edit source]

Hang around any bus interchange and you will be beaten up by bogans from the unsuccessful private schools *cough* daramalan *cough* that specialise in educating kids through practical teaching raping, knifing, murdering, arson, mugging, burglary and general boganness, which stands them in good stead for following their parents footsteps into politics. You may also suffer a stab wound or two if you do not agree to give them everything you have. This probably applies even when you do give them something, so watch out.

The most commonly uttered phrase at a Canberran bus interchange is "Spare some change for a bus ticket mate?". Said change is generally exchanged for Meth

Night Life[edit | edit source]

Civic[edit | edit source]

Civic - where the lowest common denominator congregates every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Those with sense avoid it but finding young people with sense in Canberra is like searching for a condom machine in the Vatican. With a vast sprawl of horrendous nightclubs filled with psuedo-drinkers looking for a fight you'll find a night out in Civic a refined and enlightening experience. The sight of fat, orange scantily clad young girls and their beefcake boyfriends stumbling around aimlessly, vomiting, may trick you into thinking you've somehow stumbled into the Jersey Shore. However, be warned, these people have about double the aggression and half the intelligence or charisma of "Snooki" or " The Situation" so do not be surprised if you end your night with a broken nose because you glanced vaguely in the direction of a Mooseheads patron, girls included.

Arguably the culmination of all that is wrong with young people in Australia, Civic is truly a sickening experience.

Skyfire[edit | edit source]

The annual fireworks show put on by Canberra's local bogan radio station 104.7. Since its beginnings in 1988 as a way to decrease the local stray dog population, Skyfire has become a vital part of the local wine industry's business model; it is believed that every year on average 10,000L of "goon" [alcoholic grape juice sold in cartons or bags known as "goonsacks"] is consumed at Skyfire mostly by the vastly underage. It is also a great time for the federal police to fill their arrest quotas with "hektik kunts"[sic], and for girls to lose their virginity to a bush in Commonwealth Park.

Industry[edit | edit source]

The principal industries in Canberra are politics, public service, pornography, pyrotechnics, pot and prostitution - the "Six P's" as they are known.

The disreputable nature of the first two cause considerable embarrassment to those in them. Most who are in politics will pretend they're in the public service, and in turn those in the public service will pretend they're in pornography. At political gatherings it's common to see everyone going around saying, "Oh, I'm a pornographer, I just dabble in politics".

There is also money to be made out of minority groups and protesters who are hilarious to watch, as Canberra is boring and they are different.

When entering Canberra you will notice that there is no peak-hour. There are really no people in general. Because of its high concentration of IT related business. And cyclists. The A.C.T Government has sought to address this problem by funding the $85 Million Dollar Glenloch Traffic Jam to give Canberra a peak hour to bring it inline with other Australian Cities.

Less Notable Locations/Districts[edit | edit source]

Belconnen[edit | edit source]

Affectionately known by locals as "Belcompton", Belco dogs (in memory of their women) or "Belco" to those who prefer not to pronounce words with more than two syllables. Attractions include a shopping centre full of shops you don't want to go to, and a "market" whose only service is to bombard you with the incomprehensible shouts of raging Italian men trying to intimidate you into buying fruit. It is located near a rather quaint and beautiful lake. That is, it would be quaint and beautiful if it were not filled with algae, weeds, dead swans and shopping trolleys. Another notable attraction is the Bunnings warehouse, a store so large that it can house the entire town of Belconnen in which it is located. It is predicted that one day in hundreds of years, scientists will think that this was an ancient place of worship.

Belconnen also somehow still contains the notorious Arscott House, probably because the Uni of Canberra admin are cheap useless bastards. Named for being the arse end of the uni, it was formerly a juvie where all sorts of debauchery went on. These traditions continue today and it accounts for 90% of Canberra's total goon consumption. The traditional trolley fires and Ronald McDonald stealing competitions are held annually.

Steer caution as the all-aboriginal gang, "The Kings" usually hang out in Belconnen interchange and "Be H8t1n 0N D@ Wh1tE 8oy". The Kings are actually a family group (i.e. tribe) who cleverly use their last name as their gang name, so they do not forget it. Unbeknownst to the Kings, racial harmony has broken out between Blacks and Whites due to a common dislike of this gang.

City Centre[edit | edit source]

Affectionately known by the locals as "Crud". Apart from the best shopping in the ACT, Civic has the best collection of clubs Canberra has to offer - which isn't saying a lot. Civic is well known for its late night stabbings and muggings. To witness one of these, or to even be a part of it all, call your local travel agent and ask for a table at Mooseheads on a Saturday night. Or just go to Glebe Park between the hours of 6pm and 4am. Be sure to wear a pink collared shirt and drink lots of beer to heighten the experience.

During the day the city centre is filled with bludging public servants either on a three hour lunch break or a one hour coffee break. The majority can be picked because they are female, talking about the clothes they just bought with their obscenely large paycheque and saying the word "like" repeatedly. These people are at least semi-attractive, that being the only prerequisite required to enter the public service apart from nepotism.

Between charity collectors, religious loons, and Big Issue salespeople rarely can one walk through this shithole without being accosted

Parliamentary Triangle[edit | edit source]

You came to see the monuments, democracy in action and all that? There it is. Now go home - we don't want you here. We have to read all the lies you put in your tax return every year, so we don't want to run into you around our workplaces.

Lake Burley Griffin[edit | edit source]

Full of blue-green algae, shopping trolleys, porn and fireworks, a few dead fish and, on occasion, rowers. You could try go scuba diving under the King's Bridge, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, sure to give you nightmares for years.

Weston Creek[edit | edit source]

Weston Creek is where urban planners who have been bad spend an eternity. The centre of Weston is a shopping centre called Cooleman court. Hang around after the centre closes and you'll probably get mugged and beaten up by sixteen year old skater dudes. If your looking for more trouble head to the Irish Club just up the road. More commonly called the I-Row. Every night's a fight night at this venue. Plus most of the females at this venue have been hit by the Ugly bus at least 3 or 4 times (please see public transport above for an example of an Ugly bus).

If you're visiting the area, a must see is the local Weston Creek Flasher. Commonly seen along Streeton Dr this flasher is hilarious. He has the funniest looking body you'll ever see. Sort of a cross between John Howard and Susan Boyle. Usually he travels up and down the street in a crappy BMW.

Dickson[edit | edit source]

Bogan, Asian, Prostitute and Public Housing hotspot. Prides itself on an extensive network of run down houses and shops that appear to be closed all the time.Seems the urban planners have steered clear from this end of town.

Woden[edit | edit source]

Affectionately known by locals as "Woe-fo" or "South Central" or "The Den of Woe". Most people in Canberra believe Woden to be somewhat like El Dorado or Shangri-La, not in that it is rich and beautiful even though it is, but more so in that it is a fanciful bedtime story told to little children to warn them about taking drugs. Woden is named after the Anglo-Saxon god of death. Woden Bus interchange is the social hub for local youths who sit around chain smoking, shoplifting from the mall and fighting. These fights may be very entertaining for a tourist, if your interests include watching two fourteen year old female bush pigs tear each others extensions out, while their prams sit idly to the side. Other inhabitants of the interchange include shouting junkies, awkward disabled people and the occasional shocked and appalled elderly person. Its principle landmarks are a cemetary, hospital and heaps of prolifers: which pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the place.

Forrest[edit | edit source]

Full of big time wankers in Audis and BMWs. The rich and famous people of Canberra live in this exclusive suburb. Each home or 'mansion' is three or four stories high and all have massive gardens (this is because most of them are Embassies, dumbarse). Undoubtedly the nicest and most flourishing suburb of Canberra. Home to the owner of a local hang out for politicians who was so bad at underpaying his staff, the Federal Court caught him underpaying his own daughter while funnelling money to his bankrupt wife! Such a shame it is full of pretentious wankers...

Civic Pool[edit | edit source]

Where "teenie boppers" spend most of their summer holidays. After jumping off the 10m platform, they immediately go home and update their Facebook status to "jumped off the 10m at civic". Civic pool is made up of 90% urine and 10% undefined dickson boys spend all year working out so that they can get hot at civic pool and go shirtless...aka Mick Reid

Tuggeranong[edit | edit source]

Tuggeranong is the southernmost centre of Canberra. Covering 19 suburbs you'll find a standard cross section of the not metioned on the news Canberran society, from high viz wearing alcoholics to complete wastes of oxygen living in government housing.

A visitor to this area may notice the high number of red tiled rooftops, which glare blindingly under the Canberra sun as brightly as the Red Rooster (Red Rooter) sign. Tuggeranong's most exciting attraction to date is the, perhaps optimistically named, 'Hyperdome' that sits as a Citadel within this bogan civilization. Tuggeranong's famed for its high density of fast food cuisine giving the valley a slightly greasy, salty air that is only perforated by the smell of goon.

When traveling to Tuggeranong (Thuggers-as affectionately its referred to by its residents) you can play fun games such as: How Many Cars Have A Sponsored by Centrelink sticker, Spot how Many 14 Year Old Girls Aren't Having Their Father's Third Born, Chop the Rats Tail or Yell at the Asian McDonalds Worker Who is 5th Generation Drive Thru.

If you are coming down off oxycodone a good place to wake up is West Kambah. Make sure you ignore the sounds of Eazy-E's "Boyz in the hood" blaring from guvvy shanties and find one of the many front yard bath tubs for a well deserved wash in six month old rain water. Once cleansed, steal a VP Commodore and head over to Chisholm. Chisholm is the cultural capital of south Canberra and its here that you'll truly understand all that is wrong with society.

Places of interest in the district are:

Tuggeranong Hill - a large mountain thats good to smash bongs.  
Lanyon Homestead - a historic grazing property thats good to do burnouts. 
Tuggeranong Homestead - a historic homestead now called Richardson. 
Tuggeranong Hyperdome - shopping centre filled with people just like the ones that hang around Belconnen mall, Civic and Woden Plaza.
Lanyon Market Place - Easy to steal booze from.

Fyshwick[edit | edit source]

Fyshwick has been identified by the EPA as an area of significant concern given the high concentrations of latex and PVC.

During the day, Fyshwick is a hub of vans, busy car yards and the DFO or Dirty Fucken Outlet - this place is filled with wandering neanderthals aimlessly staggering around looking for something they don't need to buy. When the sun sets the only places left open are the brothels that employ illegal immigrants from all over Asia and the servo on the corner. A good night out in Fyshwick requires a gutfull of booze then a cab to a selected brothel to be charged $200 for half an hour when the hookers sister in Thailand does it for $6 and she'll stay with you and your mates for two days.

Yarralumla[edit | edit source]

Not initially part of Canberra. Joined the ACT in 1970 after being separated from NSW to raise the IQ of both states.

Molonglo Valley[edit | edit source]

What next?

Kenny[edit | edit source]

Hey isn't that the Dunny guy? Suburb named in honour of Australia's greatest international ambassador.

Bingle[edit | edit source]

Future suburb named in honour of Australia's second greatest ambassador of all time. Notable for two significant geographic formations and for the government expending large amounts to keep the grass mown in the southern end.

Harrison[edit | edit source]

Named in honour former Prime Minister, Harrison Ford, best known for his earlier movie roll as Crocodile "Mick" Dundee.