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Nuff said'.


~ Steve Ballmer on 2005Cruft

“George bush doesen't care about 2005cruft!”

~ Kanye West on 2005Cruft


~ Oscar wilde on 2005cruft

“I like smoking pot”

~ Unrelated quotes guy on 2005Cruft

“Why there are so many stupid quotes? Was it me?”

~ Quote (Cave story) on 2005Cruft


~ Thomas Brinkley on 2005cruft

“Seig Heil!!”

2005cruft's creator, Oscar Wilde

2005Cruft is a town that is created when Oscar Wilde had sex with Your mom and Chuck Norris, when he was huffing orange kittens in a gay bar. It is constantly invaded by shitty uncyclopedian admins and god after he was smoking pot.

Origins[edit | edit source]

nobody knows where 2005cruft first came from, but it was created when Oscar wilde A Sploded chuck norris in the anus in the year 1337. it was the time where Chuck norris first had gay sex with oscar wilde, and thus one day oscar wilde's penis grew so hueg that chuck norris's anus a sploded and turned into a town with about 42 inhabitants. Notable people include;

Daily life[edit | edit source]

Every 00000000.50874306707634760987583 seconds this town will be invaded by shitty uncyclopedian admins which huff all the buildings in this town. They have SHOOP DA WHOOP and swastikas printed on their anus. Once they enter 2005cruft they will place fix tags on the buildings and after a month they will crumble, killing over 9000 inhabitants in the process. There are also weeaboos which dance camaralldansen with their penises and boobs which causes anyone that see them cum warm sticky fountain of cum which shot over 78528956896598 miles.

inhabitants[edit | edit source]

It is inhabited by;

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