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“Now that we've established that the others suck, why should you vote for Frosty? I'll TELL you why. He cleans up after vandals, tidies up in general, is nice to newbies and losers, has a good sense of humor, routinely demonstrates a greater maturity than half the users here, and is an all-around humble little bogan. ALSO, HE'S FIFTEEN YEARS OLD. Do you know that this spunky bastard thinks he can't write? So what does he hang around here for? To be part of a community, and help out in any way he can. THAT'S the damn definition of "community spirit", you faggots! So put your hand over your hearts and salute this Aussie spark of joy, you deviant homosexuals, because if you don't, he may become disillusioned and leave. And if he does, WOE BETIDE YOU ALL”

~ Bizzeebeever on fuck you
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