UnNews:Endless whining about Trump grows so much, tilt of earth has changed to 24 degrees say NASA

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17 May 2017

Think of the polar bears!

WASHINGTON DC, United States -- For well over a year now, endless complaining about current US president Donald Trump has swept the globe. Most other countries up until this point have withstood endless bickering coming from that section of the world with the dim hope "they'll get over it eventually." Unfortunately, the news is very grim and indeed it may already be too late.

Liberal America's endless narcissism and thinking Trump existing is the only problem on the planet, is growing to dangerous sizes. Sheer egotism, forgetting that other nations and their problems also exist and not thinking that maybe nobody gives a shit about America as much as they would like to think, has had a devestating effect on the earth and indeed the future of its climate.

This is all highlighted when NASA released a report day showing that the collective fragile egos of anti-Trump Americentrists had grown so large that the tilt of the earth had been thrown off by one whole degree. This is expected to violently impact the earths climate with harsher summers and winters in store for 2017. So, good news for the penguins and Antarctica which is expected to have its Western ice sheet have some much needed growth. Not so good news for the Polar Bears, who may face extinction sooner than the current rate if too much sea ice is lost.

NASA also expressed concern that unless the trend stops very soon, Newton's first law is likely to bite the world on the ass. Predictions that the tilt could run away by as much as 10 degrees, because once the earth starts moving it could be very hard to stop it are scarring many climate scientists who warn it could be the end of life on earth as we know it.