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Noob of the Moment Award Noob of the Moment May 2007


Currently on hiatus due to A2 level exams starting this Friday. Hyper-revision mode, and all that. Will be back after June 21st.


Since my inspiration for articles is rather lacking at the moment, I don't write them. Instead, since I've browsed Uncyclopedia for a long time and am quite familiar with the site, I'll attempt to improve it - proofreading stuff, ICU/VFD/QVFD, maybe suggestions for jokes, whatever. Just as long as I'm on the site.

If I mess up somewhere, such as a QVFD for an article that should be ICU or whatever, just say so on my talk page, and I'll eat myself.

Also, I might take a crap on your head. This is perfectly normal and should be ignored, or cleaned up in a shower. The results are much worse if you get near a real pigeon.


Links for self-use[edit]

Articles I might be working on to create an extreme sense of mediocrity. Or not. Hey, does this header have a word limit?[edit]


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