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Warcruft is a form of Bad Article which involves wacky wars being fought and usually contain Unfunny In-jokes, End of the world, Meta-Humor, and Red links. Following is an example of shit and cum stained warcruft.

Chuck Norris Tolerates This Article
Mr Norris has allowed this article to live. Editing or deleting this page will result in terminal roundhouse kicking. Should you be the writer of this article, then fear for your life and pet grue.

“This tag may cause death

~ Captain Obvious on this tag

Jesus Loves This Page

The Jee Man Himself has Shown, in His infinite Wisdom, that He is the Ultimate Purveyor of all things Awesome, Nifty, Spiffy, and generally Interesting. He has personally Reviewed this page and Given His Blessing. The submitter may be Forgiven three venial sins or one mortal sin.

The shittiness of this article has been left in in order to preserve unintentional hilarity.

You can edit it, but don't count on it being any funnier.

Stop hand.png You think this is funny, numbskull?
Moe Howard.jpg
Whoever wrote this lame-brained piece of
garbage oughtta get a toupee with some brains in it!
Now, get to work and rewrite it before I rip out
your tonsils and tie it around your neck for a bowtie!


~ Oscar Wilde on This war

“IN soviet russia, i own joo!!!!”

~ Russian reversal on this war

“George bush doesen't care about This war!”

~ Kanye West on this war

“I cannot believe that there are 5834057430857 snakes on a plane”

~ Samuel jackson on This war


~ captain obvious on This war

The war of uncyclowikia is a war which caused the end of the world in year 1337. It is caused by sannse and is led by Mr-ex777 and chuck norris.It eventually caused cthulu to destroy the world by using his dong to impale it. over 547985632956379265976795697436579365974367985623795623795678943265786578346759862437985643796578465798436579864379856437985643798659746593 people, gays, uncyclopedians and wikians died in this massacare.

How it started[edit | edit source]

It started by a bunch of gheys led by sannse had started to censoring all the nipples of uncyclowikia. since this means uncyclopedians can no longer fap and all the article's humor has been drained and lost, The uncyclopedians commenced quitting from wikia and starting an independent life. In order to retaliate, Sannse released an expert vandal who huffed at least 5098340957437543986759843658943658946356438956438965894365987436 from the site. The brave uncyclopedians led by Mr-ex777, Oscar Wilde and Chuck Norris started to fight the wikians led by sannse and You for the freedom of uncyclopedia.

The process[edit | edit source]

At the start of the battle, the expert vandal has been killed by a Grue sent by Mr.T, who pitied the fool and sent a grue to eat him. When she heard that, sannse started to retaliate by invading along with You and at least 58437589324785490875679843675984675984375986439769843698436698439876439864396439867439867438967908437698356779835769873698 Wikians. They huffed articles and vandalized them with goatse, as well as Raped the uncyclopedians with ponies. A brave soldier known as Mr-ex777 brought the uncyclopedian knights and started fighting this menance.

This kitten fucked the wikians up real good.

At first the uncyclopedians are in a disdvantage, the grues cannot eat too many wikipedians and were owned, The uncycloadmins cannot ban so many wikians, and sannse can mind control those who defy her, causing the death of <insert name here> because he was controlled by sannse and mistakenly killed. However after 1 month Oscar Wilde found this unacceptable and started firing his laser beam eyes onto the wikians, as well as summoning demon grues to help him. These demon grues are Over 9000 feet tall and are not afraid of sunlight, so they ate most of the wikians, but he thought that was not enough so he summoned Chuck Norris to roundhouse kick 50987430857430985780 wikians on wheels. Then 5472387509832758943278957348075943270832 kittens started to appear en masse and it overwhelmed you because you have no life. Then The wikians called more reniforcements but they were owned in -759846798597432 seconds. However, cthulu found this unbearable and used his dong to impale the world, causing the world to implode and the destruction of wikia. all of the surviving uncyclopedians, chuck norris, oscar wilde, Mr.T and the kittens survived because they were too 1337 to die.

List of people who joined the war[edit | edit source]

List of wikians[edit | edit source]

  • Sannse
  • You
  • that guy next door
  • This guy
  • All yaoi fangirls
  • All bronies
  • All ponies

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