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War of 1812
747 chase.jpg
innocent people running away from the troops of the hitler-cow.
Conflict: the War of year 99999999
Date: year 99999999
Place: the world
Outcome: the inversion of the universe
The world hero alliance Hitler-cow and the joker nazis
Chuck Norris
Oscar Wilde
Your Mom
Sonic the hedgehog
more that were not on this list
"Psyko dash" the juggalo
"rainbow enforcer"the ultra dimensional brony
9999999999999999999999 Heroes around the universe 409857057348067380678043768034760843768034 Hyper dimensional nazis
All except 5 All people

“It's so epic”

~ Oscar wilde on This war

“George bush does not care about the war!”

~ Kanye West on This war

“Yes i did”

~ Geroge Bush on The quote above

“I don't care”

~ this guy on This war

“Go eat shit fuckers”

~ Fisher price on this war

“It's the end of the universe!”

~ Captain obvious on This war

“in soviet russia, Cow rules YOU!!”

The war of year 99999999 is a war that takes place in the very future 99999999 years after the birth of christ. It is the most epic fight in the universe and caused over 539578905734907569034760893476 deaths around the universe. eventually so many people die that only 7777 people survived and the universe is inverted due to the drastic war. Eventually after the universe inverts Nobody Cares what's happening next.

Start[edit | edit source]

The war of year 99999999 has started when a cow was implanted with the insanity of Hitler, the joker, Kim jong II, rainbow dash and hatsune miku. After then, the cow gained superpowers and took the form of a martian who has the power of all gods. Then he decided that he would be conquering the universe and sent a signal that controlled all beings who were gay. Under his control is Satan, "Psyko Dash" the juggalo, and "rainbow enforcer" the Ultra dimensional brony. Together, they challenged the world hero alliance who were consisted of the following people:

"psyko dash" the juggalo, shown in the middle

Progress[edit | edit source]

The world hero alliance fought valliantly against the challenger, but The dastardly 4's intense faggotry were too powerful for the world hero alliance to handle so they were blasted into mercury where they will be executed by Larry probst. however, larry probst was bribed by chuck norris when chuck norris gave him 99999 alien pesoes. He gladly accepted and exploded into fire only to reincarnate in year -79806879AD. Then using a local teleporter, they returned to earth and rearranged the soldiers of the universe against the dastardly 4. In the other hand, the dastardly 4 was organizing soldiers as well to invade the universe once and for all.

Then The war started in year 99999999 when Hitler-cow conquered mars and raped all the inhabitants there. the world hero alliance was sent to mars and chuck norris roundhouse kicked all the mind controlled soldiers and sent out demon grues to destroy the endless amount of soldiers. However, the tables are about to be turned when Psyko dash and rainbow enforcer used the "dual faggotry crush" who turned all the demon grues into ponies. Jesus then appeared along with god and God use his laser strap on to rape psyko dash in the ass while jesus sent antimatter-grues which cannot be converted. After 99 hours, psyko dash's anus was imploded and he obviously died. However, more soldiers were invading earth and this is when your mom and you came into action. Together, their intense fail and faggotry caused all the alien soldiers to forcibly explode, while Satan who was sent to invade jupiter was destroyed by zeus and god who decided to join forces in removing the threat only to deny each other's divine status later on after the war. Together, they created a massive universe explosion and soaked satan in his faggotry and he imploded into a supernova consisting of 99 kittens. Then hitler-cow swallowed neptune, venus and pluto and turned into a hyper-galactic monster which is consisted of the head of a cow, the hair of hatsune miku, the left arm of hitler, the right arm of joker, the hind legs of rainbow dash and the plot of pinkie pie. He can shoot missiles from his plot and is absolutely indestructible, with the power to destroy the universe just by saying "fuck you". Fortunately, the world heroes alliance, led by chuck norris turned into a super space monkey and destroyed the hitler cow in an epic fight which lasted for 6666 hours. he was finally killed when All the gods in the universe turned into a god-supernova and asploded him into 6 planets. His explosion also caused the inversion of the universe.

Result[edit | edit source]

The world, after it's inversion was ruled by kittens and we can all go huff kittens. After -5890578957892 years, Kittens were down and pokemon became the next ruler.

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