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Hello, welcome to the account that started it all, our growing obsession fascination with Krushnevya that has subsequently branched out into all things goats, bagels, sex, and penguins.

Our Great Powerful and Most Incredibly Obnoxious Country: The Tourist's Guide[edit]

This article is NOT heavily censored!

Krushnevya is an illegitimate country located in Russia Eurasia.

Krushnevya as shown on Google Earth. As you can see, it is a very large and prosperous nation.

Ruled by the incredibly nonbenevolent tyrannical dictators nonpopularly elected rulers Daniel the Magnificent and Damien the Perverted Bisexual. Krushnevya is overrun with ugly wives, which necessitates the official national sport of Wife-Hunting; the season extends from late March through mid August; the not beautiful wives in heat are best hunted during May. Wife-hunting traces its origins back to ancient times, ever since Adam first tired of only banging Eve and sought out a wider mate-pool. Target wives may be shot, banged, or taken home and kept as pets, spawning a National Wife Show Competition in the manner of dog shows in other parts of the world. Slightly more recent was the creation of the Annual Race to Impregnate, in which one incredibly ugly hot woman is locked in a mansion, and over a hundred unlucky horny men are released to try everything they can to break in and impregnate the woman.

Not much else happens in Krushnevya, except sexual stimulant testing--Pfizer maintains a testing facility on the coast, and indigenous Krushnevyan mountain goats, the best goats in the world, are used as test subjects. Krushnevya also maintains a stellar military of AirGoats, Main Battle Goats, U-Goats, and Laser Goats.


The first ever page we created was Krushnevya, but as we didn't have much time to put effort into it, it was quickly deleted. We created it again, and it was again deleted. Finally, we decided to get our shit together and create a good page, and Mountain Goat was the result. First typed by and with pictures from Damien, Daniel subsequently took over both duties as Damien moved on to Laser Goat. Then Laser Goat was abandoned by Damien as he moved on to Punic Wars, which was subsequently abandoned when he created Miagra. Now Miagra has been abandoned to make way for Bagel Mafia and Where's Wadlo?, alothough it looks like the former may also soon be left behind for Daniel to clean up. Daniel, by the way, this whole time has been attempting to make Damien's crude language a little more comical, and understandable, and sophisticated, which is why Mountain Goat is such a nice page compared to Punic Wars.

Then, of course, Bagel Mafia and Laser Goat got huffed because Damien was too obsessed with Where's Wadlo? and Daniel was in Europe enjoying the nude beaches. we leave it in your very capable imaginations to imagine why exactly he was there... so yeah, no more Laser Goat, but in future much of Laser Goat will be added to Mountain Goat... assuming Daniel ever gets back from Europe...

And now, of course, some pricks have decided to vote some of their best work for deletion. If you ever see one of their pages with a VFD template, please follow the link and comment positively on keeping the article. Or just follow the link now (VFD), save yourself the hassle, and vote and comment to keep their pages! Uncyclopedia needs them!

Nevermind, they've been deleted, nothing you or i can do to save them, we're trying to fix them, GOOD-BYE!

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