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Eat up.
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An initially-enthusiastic Uncyclopedian whose budding career was soured by the negative deeds of others. Banned for life for crimes he did not commit. Now apparently not banned, but still jaded.

Currently on walkabout, attempting to refocus energies and achieve harmonious balance and what-not. Occasionally stops by to see what has been done to his defenseless articles. Probably not coming back, so don't get your hopes up (ha!).

Biographical info[edit]

  • Fond of articles with long titles.
  • Still trying to figure out wiki formatting. Day AE30FF2H.

Things to Do[edit]

Ideas for articles

My Work[edit]

Proud Creator Of[edit]

The Enigmatic Mr. Grumpikins - winner of Best Article Award in first Poo Lit Surprise competition

Drog The Misunderstood Caveman Comedian

iPod Car

List of weapons that don't exist, and shouldn't - well, I started the ball rolling, but it's only gone downhill since... which balls generally do, I suppose. Wow. Deep.

Wheel of Deities

UnNews: Elderly scam artists on the rise

Incredibly Obscure Japanese Video Game

Captain Oblivious - I still like my first draft better

Former Creator Of[edit]

Bort the Butt-Sniffing Caveman (RIP, Bort, your uncontrollable butt-sniffing urges shall ever be the cause of the poorly-documented nature of your grand contributions to the human race)

Not Yet The Creator Of, And Wishing Someone Else Would Do The Work For Him[edit]

Scholars of the Obvious


Have Also Contributed To[edit]

OCD -- added Travel section

Gundam -- rewrote some lame parts

Shopping Cart -- added info about riding them; how could anyone miss this?!?

Captain Obvious -- mostly just polishing/promoting other people's good work