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My name is Bill Sheppard. I am some sad cunt with nothing better to do before I get a job after the summer. I am 267 years old and I like building toasters out of lego, writing to my local Tory MP about the benefits of decapitating himself, getting high on calpol, renationalising the railways when the Fat Controller isn't looking, making this page as dull as possible, bringing down capitalism and raising HMS Cod up from the dead.

I specialise in footballers' biographies, crap photoshopping of traffic signs and bringing the uncyclopedia world up to date with the latest war crimes from the conflict zone of High Wycombe.


I couldn't believe no one had written an article on the cult sport of Black and White Snooker, so I put that little anomaly right. Other news is that I've been deported to Austria, just in time to start a street party when Adolf Haider, Jörg Hitler, whatever the fuckers name was, died.

Pages I have either vandalised and/or crafted with my own bare hands, blood, sweat and tears[edit]