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Happy Monkey Competition Main Forum


How does it work?[edit source]

Everyone suggests a topic for an article and then we mix those topics around in a monkey bag and assign them to other writers (you'll be notified of the topic you have to write on minutes before the competition starts and you won't be writing on the topic you suggest). You then have one whole week to write an awesome article that will make people laugh until they monkey puke.

What can I write?[edit source]

Absolutely anything. An article, news, script or even better something off the wall creative. Just don't stray too much from the topic.

Can I use material I've written before?[edit source]

Sorry duderino, duderinettes and dudexes, it should all be original...written out of your creative gooey monkey brains.

How is it judged?[edit source]

Your peers will judge you. You will be judged quite strictly on:

  • Originality
  • Humour
  • Creativity (with the topic)

Each judge will score each category out of 10 (so don't forget about originality as much as the other two).

Random hilarious image[edit source]

It's spelled HILARIOUS

Contestants and Articles[edit source]

Contestant Article
MrX 2020 United States presidential election controversies
Hipponias Contract Bridge
WohMi A Day in the Life of Thatcher during the Falkland's War
Gale5050 Infomercials
Jabberwock List of Equipment of the average Uncyclopedian editor
Cat the Colourful Loot boxes
Scofield Pagan Tortillas
מה שתגיד Nail Clippers

Scoring[edit source]

2021HMC1st.png Scofield writing Pagan Tortillas

2021HMC2nd.png Cat the Colourful writing Loot boxes

2021HMC3rd.png Hipponias writing Contract Bridge

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Judges[edit source]

Judges cannot participate in the competition

  1. Shabidoo
  2. Sarah_Baldewijns
  3. JJPMaster
  4. Cassie