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23 December 2007

Queen Elizabeth is said to be "off her fucking cake" at the thought of reaching out to "the proles" through the latest medium.

LONDON, England -- The Queen has announced that she is to sign up for an account on internet video channel YouTube in an effort to "get down with the kids and shit." The page will feature her Christmas Day message, and has recent and historical footage of the monarch and other members of the Royal Family. The palace said it hoped the site would make the 81-year-old monarch's annual speech "more accessible to de youth and foreigners and suchlike.".

Prince Philip features in a number of videos, including several showing his "happy slapping" Princes Charles and Andrew. Several more private videos has made their way onto the website, including one featuring The Duke of Edinburgh seagulling Camilla Parker-Bowles from the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Footage including some of the late Princess Diana's trip to Paris, and Prince Williams hysterical fancy dress outfits make up an "outtakes" section, and is sure to bring a smile to the face of many of the Royal's most ardent fans.

The announcement increases speculation that Google is about to launch a bid to take over the running of the Royal Family.

The site can be viewed via www.youtube.com/lonelyqueen15