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Saturday, June 27, 2020

This is one of the people we are talking about in this article.

MADCHESTER, ENGLAND -- The explicably long-running Showtime romantic-espionage-epic drama Homeland has been renewed, 2 months too late. The April 26, 2020 episode of Homeland was the best episode in the 8th season, which was supposed to be the last in the series. It was the best thing I saw since the Sopranos finale and the Dexter finale combined.

What brought on the much-welcomed return of this show that you've long seen in the TV listings and wondered how the fuck you'll survive when it is finally over? The reason is the Manchester music scene, the cradle of such legendary bands as New Order, The Smiths, Oasis & Uncyclopedia favorites, James. The Man scene is mad right now, apparently.

Showtime has tried to explain all of this, in the following statement:

The Homeland Tom Walker is a homicidal marine who blindly kills people in the streets of America. The Manchester people are concerned that the good reputation of Tom Walker, the musician, would be smeared by the American show, since the character of Tom Walker could remind people of American police brutality.

Tim Booth, the frontman of the band James, [1] had this to say about this fiasco:

When Alex Gansa, the creator of Homeland, heard that another Manchester band, M People, was going to change their name to N People, he finally agreed to renew the show. Welcome back Homeland!


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  1. Tim Booth is in a band called James and his name is Tim. James is the definitive Mancunian band, and Mancunian means something or somebody from Manchester. Manchester is a city in the country of England. England is part of the country of Great Britain, exactly like Alaska is one of the states of the United States. Great Britain is currently considered more-or-less as great as the United States, since they did this thing which is called Brexit which means that they are practically no longer a part of Europe. So Scotland and the rest of the non-England states want to break up the United Kingdom, like what happened in the American Civil War. You remember Sybil from Fawlty Towers? That's how civil this Brexit thing is. So basically, the British can shut the fuck up about racism, if you ask me. Or until they finally learn to accept the fact that they share the same continent with the French.