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24 November 2008

Gordon Brown announces he's going to "spend spend spend" like he should have at university.

GORDON Brown has said today that he and his lover Alistair Darling are going to dip into their overdrafts to back up the UK economy.

It has been speculated that Brown was so thrifty that he never needed to resort to using his, even throughout his university years in Edinburgh. He said this morning, “I’ve never borrowed myself, I was always ‘scumming’ on beans and pork pies, of course now times are different and its time to let off and blow some cash.”

The chancellor of the exchequer, Alistair Darling also commented that he was glad Gordon had decided to burn some money and go into debt. Darling said in an exclusive interview, “I used to do it all the time in my student days... I was in fact off my tits and skint in on a regular basis.”

The move has been described as bold and forward thinking by many, including the Guardian newspaper, which has often commented that like Tony Blair, Brown should "live a little." The Prime Minister seems pleased with the public’s cryptic and vague response at his reckless behavior and economic practice.

The economic repercussions and the hangover from the binge have yet to be assessed. The Conservative leader David Cameron has said that he and London Mayor, Boris Johnson used to go "on some benders" in their time. However Cameron also went on to comment, "The economy is somewhat different I think."