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An alcoholic's wet dream, immortalized.

Margaritaville is a song by Jimmy "Wang" Buffett, released in 1994 from the album Wasted Away... Again. It received a lukewarm response from fans, quickly dropping from its #1 spot on the Billboard charts, due to its mid-eastern Led Zeppelin influence, and according to a review in Rolling Stone magazine, Jimmy's attempt to sound like "a horrid cross between James Hetfield and Eddie Vedder". Many, many fans have proceeded to disown him over this, as well. Despite the high demand for a second Black Album, and Grunge at the time.

As of 2009, the song has been erased from the CD, and is no longer in circulation.

Inspiration Behind The Song[edit | edit source]

According to Jimmy, the song was written in entirely good taste about "good women, good times, a damn good Margarita, and nothin' else!". Contrary to this, however, some who claim to have known Jimmy on a personal level have stated otherwise. The main consensus being that the song relates to how Jimmy not only obtained the nickname "Wang", but all of the events leading up to the eventual failure of a "song" that he attempted to make, in this case. Former roommate Waylon Jennings was quoted as saying the following about his acquired nickname, just hours before his untimely death in 2002:

"Well, when he was drunk... whenever he got drunk... it ain't like he could tell wang from chung, really. Ol' boy used to sit there on that couch for hours, every day, just playin' with himself. Sometimes SINGING into the damn thing like it was a Microphone! It's one of the reasons I quit comin' around him after awhile. One of the reasons why I got with Jessi..."

After Waylon and Jimmy parted ways, he was also quoted to have cut himself off from the public eye, for some time. Mainly staying locked up in his home, calling in the occassional hooker, and sipping back Margarita's. Jimmy eventually became so immersed in the lifestyle that he just HAD to write something about it. So one night, he took his escorts to a strip club, which he often frequented (like all horny rednecks do), sat in a corner, and flirted with them just long enough until they passed out, and he was too drunk to continue. At which point, between falling in and out of sleep, and fondling himself (according to the club's manager who threw him out on-sight), he wrote the lyrics to what would become "Margaritaville".

The next day, despite a nasty hangover, and a case of pubic lice, he went to the studio and recorded it. Little did he know what would happen next...

Reception[edit | edit source]

If you've seen the beginning of the article, you know how the story goes. If not, then drag your lazy ass back up the page, and read it. This section isn't here for nothing, you know!

Margaritaville: The Movie[edit | edit source]

Steven Spielburg confirmed in November 2006 that he would be making a movie based on the failure of the song, following Jimmy Wang's rise and fall from stardom, getting dropped by his record label, subsequent state of depression, drug-induced delirium, and suicide attempts, eventually leading him to permanent residentual status in a mental institution. With the song's recent disappearance from the Wasted Away... Again LP, and all public domain, however, the movie is rumored to have been canceled. But with no official word from Mr. Spielburg, we will never really know for sure.

Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker[edit | edit source]

Margaritas, the drink behind the fame and fortune of Jimmy Buffett, have never been easier to make with Jimmy Buffett's revolutionary Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker. Being an essential part of daily existence, the Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker is incredibly affordable starting at a mere $3,000. Jimmy Buffett, also known as Jesus Christ our lord, created the first machine that can not only just shave ice, but also blend it into a delicious frozen concoction sent down from the heavens by Jimmy, himself.

Some side effects include:

  Loss of Memory
  Loss of Basic Motor Function
  The Slurring of One's Speech
  Dry Mouth
  Severe AIDS 
  Singing Jimmy Buffett Songs
  Sun Burn
  Jungle Fever

There have also been 3 confirmed cases of swine flu within the community of Margaritaholics.