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Cornell University
Okenshield Dave: Know your role. Shut your mouth.
MottoAt Least We're Not Located in New Jersey! (We're Looking at You, Princeton)
School type99.99% State, .01% Private
HeadDavid Skorton aka DJ Davy Skee
LocationIthaca, NY., U.S.
Campus745 Acres of Death
Endowment8.5 inches.....AROUUUUUNDDD
Faculty625 Tenured, 1200 TA's (6 English speaking)
MascotLing Ling angry!

Cornell University is an advanced social networking and visual perception interface created by Okenshields' Happy Dave. The following is its history as programmed for us.

History[edit | edit source]

Cornell University was founded in 1865 by rich, guilt-ridden philanthropist Ezra Cornell who, after consuming some devastatingly potent cannabis, remarked at a burn session, "I would found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study........yeeeah...". The notion was appropriately scoffed at, mostly because of its content but also because it wasn't voiced in Latin, but Andrew Dickson White, who was vibing off of some of the same shit, saw Cornell's vision and helped push legislation for the university's founding through the New York state senate.

Campus[edit | edit source]

Cornell sits on 745 acres of tundra high above the plebeians of Ithaca, and is famous for its many gorges. Many Cornell students joke about while seriously contemplating jumping into one of the numerous gorges on campus, but such energies are usually directed towards drinking and belittling visiting hockey teams instead.

Two West Campus residents celebrate their arrival at Central Campus

The campus is divided into four main areas: North Campus, Central Campus, West Campus, and Collegetown. Rumor has it that at one point, there was a South and East Campus, though they were sold back to New York state in 1976. North Campus houses mostly freshman, and consists of Balch Hall, Clara Dickson (which is known to be haunted), Donlon, Mews, Court-Kay-Bauer, Housing Project 5, Jameson Housing Project, and The Low Rises. It also contains some program houses, such as JAM (Just About Music) Masturbation, Risley Residential College, Ujamaa, and Holland International Living Center (but if it's international, then why the hell is only Holland mentioned? WTF?).

West Campus is comprised of the Gothics (lovingly referred to by students as "decrepit pieces of shit long abandoned by the Cornell administration") and the newer Carl Becker, Hans Bethe, Michael Keaton, Flora "Fauna" Rose , and Alice "Learn to" Cook houses. It is located at the bottom of Mt. Libe. The new house system has increasingly come under fire for creating a "two-tiered" housing situation at Cornell, but in reality the Gothics peasants should just quit their bitching.

Collegetown contains Sheldon Court, Cascadilla, many restaurants, even more bars, and many extremely overpriced apartments, which are believed to be the inspiration for Jimmy McMillan's "The Rent Is Too Damn High Party". Most Collegetown residents are obese and alcoholics and develop heart and/or liver failure by graduation.

Most classes are taught in buildings on central campus. The central campus area features many quads and open spaces, useful since many West Campus dwellers will have collapsed from exhaustion before ever reaching their classrooms. Of course, these open spaces are filled year-round with 32' snowbanks, making recreation difficult. Central campus is also where most of the material is students, from inexperienced grad students (since most Cornell professors are too old, fat and lazy to actually teach) newly non-flammable libraries.

Studies[edit | edit source]

Cornell offers its students a vast array of educational opportunities, including:

Dining[edit | edit source]

Grossly overrated.

Demographics[edit | edit source]

Largely stemming from the university's commitment to multiculturalism, Cornell has a very diverse student body. The university also promotes inclusive and politically correct terminology, which is shown in the following demographic chart:

Mascot[edit | edit source]

Ling Ling the Fish Throwing Panda.

Religious Affiliation[edit | edit source]

Cornell, being the only Ivy League institution with no religious affiliation is in the cold embrace of Satan.

Architecture[edit | edit source]

Consistently ranked within the top 9 in the Ivy League, Cornell's architecture is famed throughout the world for its inconsistency. Its motley campus perched high above the mind-numbingly ramshackle rest of Ithaca, the newcomer in town cannot help but ask: "is the circus in town?" while passing the Johnson Graduate School (whose dean recently gave a lecture called "Strengthening the Johnson Brand" - really? Strengthening the Johnson? ) and other Victorian-styled buildings before being confronted by the harsh, statist, Eastern-bloc inspired fire death-trap of Olin Library. Then there is the relatively recent Duffield Hall, a monument (hic) to the Engineering School (hic) , named for the founder of Duff Beer (hic), and the field that used to be where this monstrosity (hic) now stands. Having recently been completed, rumors have begun surfacing that the new Physical Sciences building is actually a temple erected to conceal Janet Reno's testicles. And finally there is the newly built Milhouse Hall (paid for by the Van Houten Chocolate company) which will be the new place where the architects hide among themselves, talking to each other about how important they are. It was designed by the band R.E.M., and already nicknamed "The Koolhaus". In practicing the "haha this will be funny as shit" style of interior design, the designers created the dumbest pull out desks for the auditorium in the history of auditorium pull out desks.

Arts quad, July '06

Weill Cornell Graduate School of America in Qatar[edit | edit source]

Cornell University has opened a graduate school in Doha, Qatar, offering its MD (Master of Disaster) degree. Although named and shown as a medical school, the primary aim of this facility is to train terrorists. In a post 9/11 world where training new terrorists has become very hard due to an exponential increase in security measures, spying, and surveillance, middle eastern countries like Qatar have employed a new scheme to buy branches of American universities with all the crude oil and natural gas money, and use them as undercover terrorist training camps.

The first group of terrorists completed their training in May 2009, and most of them have already entered the United States, including one Osama, and are actively involved in planning the next attack on US soil, their target being even more death and destruction this time.

Quotes from Notable Alumni[edit | edit source]

“George Bush is an idiot.”

~ Andy Bernard

“Jews have big noses.”

~ an honest jew

“Fuck horses.”

“Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!”

~ Dr. C. Everett Koop

“What's with all the Keystone?”

~ Adolph and Joseph Coors

“Suck it MSNBC.”

“Stupi' white frat boy. Starcraf' in room more fun than party.”

~ Any Asian on campus

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