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These cities are not in Texas. Not that they couldn't be if Texas wanted them, but they don't, so they aren't!

Most aren't even near Texas, don't shop at the same Wal-Mart as Texas, or go to the type of electronic music recitals Texas prefers. They never appear with Texas in photographs. They didn't attend Texas's wedding or funeral. They mostly only know of Texas through their third cousin Jim, with whom they gossip.

Key points in indicating a city which is definitely not in fucking texas is the existence of left wing liberals, a lack of tumbleweeds, and spotting a man, besides “Dubya” without a full moustache. Contrary to common belief, a homosexual male is not a major indicator that you are in a city that is not in texas, as there is an abundance there.

    Despite the existence of oil rigs, Sadi Arabia, Venezuela, and Alaska are not cities in fucking texas, they are two countries and a state in America. Toronto is NOT a city in Texas, it is located just south of Australia on near the exact opposite side of the globe. Narwals are not cities in fucking Texas, they are the jedis of the sea. 

Cities not in fucking are generally outside of it's borders, though several exceptions can apply.

No fucking cows neither (well except for Norwich). Wigan however is a Texas City.