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Andrew Dean Richardson is the world renowned Futurama obsessed actor who is most famous for staring as (and briefly changing his name to) Angus MacGyver. Here he is pictured early in the morning.
A Promotional Poster for MacGyver: The quest for the Holy Grail the movie adaptation of The Da Vinci Code to be released in 2006.
“What a man! Oh and what hair! Marvelous!”

Oscar Wilde on Andrew Dean Richardson

Andrew Dean Richardson, born on the 14th January 1842, is a world renowned American/Canadian (we're not quite sure anymore) actor and a tragic sufferer of the rare disease Hairdiscolourationdisorderitis which causes his hair to change colour depending upon however he feels about a particular project. He is most famed for the role he played in MacGyver Star Gate, when he was feeling particularly feisty, hence his hair at this time was blonde.

An Actors Life[edit | edit source]

Before playing the role of MacGyver, Richardson became famed for his vocal portrayal of the unnamed Inspector Gadget who was called "MacGyver" in his last episode, one obsessive fan was a television producer and although unable to keep the name "Inspector Gadget" got Richardson on board and called the show MacGyver, Richardson made the role of MacGyver his finest for 30 years between 1967 and 1997, going on numerous low-budget adventures showcasing his scientific and acting skill and prowess.

This would later come to a head with the new science show Star Gate (also known as a different name because of copyright problems) which premiered in 1997, "it's still MacGyver, just with a new setting, and I have a new name of course" he reportedly said. When told he would be on a high budget new MacGyver show Star Gate Andrew's hair became a distinct shade of brown, and later silver.

This role continued as Andrew simply couldn't drag himself away from the science-tastic universe Star Gate presented for him, but was forced to withdraw after 9 years as his hair was beginning to become a deep shade of purple, which the producers claimed "did not fit the mood of the show."

He has retired now to spend more time with his hair, commonly known as The Guyver.

It was finally confirmed on Sunday, 23rd of October 2005 that Andrew would re-emburse his role as MacGyver one last time in a film adaptation of The Da Vinci Code which would officially be known as MacGyver: The Quest for the Holy Grail. Richardson was said to be extememely enthusiastic about playing his favourite character once again, so much so that his hair went back to silver. The film however garnered almost none of the attention of the book, and its limited release in 12 theatres across the United States didn't exactly help.

An Actors Obsession[edit | edit source]

Andrew is renowned for his silence and numerous collection of Futurama DVDs which he bought under his alias Richard Dean Anderson (clever, huh?), he is said to watch obsessively, he most recently received an invitation to be in an episode of the new secret series of Futurama being recorded now, but we've been told not to tell anyone. Whoops.

Wheldar from Futurama is reportedly Richardson's favourite character from the cancelled television show, he quoted him many times throughout his MacGyver shows and once spent 5 days with the crew.

Andrew has often been seen running about around sets of his television shows in large suits depicting characters from the show, including Wheldar the Automaton, who he has often quoted and ad libbed in his shows.

Though many fans and critics have suspected that instead of simply being a fan of this show, he is actually using it to cover whenever he has a bad hair day! One fan commented "It's totally not in character for Andrew to like Wheldar, he is totally the opposite character to Andrew, Andrew is lovely, I think it is for him to hide his horrible hair." Charming!

Andrew was said to be near suicidal when he heard Futurama had been cancelled, but was apparently convinced otherwise when Matt Groening paid the entire cast to spend 5 days with the grieving Andrew, this caused him to miss the making of 5 episodes of his belovid Star Gate, but Andrew said "it was well worth it to meet the guy who really is Wheldar, I wanted to keep him in my house forever!"

Richardson's Newfound Life[edit | edit source]

Although the MacGyver thing worked out rather well, Richardson has now found a new life in Stargate SG-1.(BTW Stargate Kicks ass but Atlantis is gay ,,!,,(-_-),,!,, ) After many years (10, but he only starred in eight) in the Stargate community he finally found out what this show really was; a massive dumpung ground for the old stars of the show. He was snooping around one day when he came across a broom cupboard that was labelled with a star. Seeing this and think of his 2 show fame spree he went in. The day they finished shooting the 200th episode and he has not been seen since. Whether he is still in that cupboard or just taking a vacaion with Ben Stiller is being discussed and debated by many celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez, Brittany Spears, and This Guy, the inventor of kitten huffing. don

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