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Each user ranks their favourite articles as 1st (five points) 2nd (three points) and 3rd (one point). You can leave comments or critiques below if you like to (strictly constructive feedback only). We're working on the honour system to try to pick your favourites before you look at the other judges scores.

Article Xamralco Leverage EOUNWT shemp Shabidoo Pizwizz Point for
on time
Xamralco's article:
Solar flares
5 (1st) 5 (1st) 5 (1st) 5 (1st) 20
Leverage's article:
Solar wind
1.5 (tied 2nd) 3 (2nd) .5 (tied 3rd) 2 7
Everyotherusernamewastaken's article:
Trojan asteroid
1.5 (tied 2nd) 3 (2nd) 3 (2nd) 1 (3rd) 8.5
XDshempXD's article:
.5 (tied 3rd) 1 (3rd) 1.5 (tied 2nd) .5 (tied 3rd) 2 5.5
Shabidoo's article:
Super Massive Black Holes
5 (1st) 1 (third) 5 (1st) 3 (2nd) 14
Sir Peasewhizz 's article:
Galactic bulge
.5 (tied 3rd) 1.5 (tied 2nd) 1 (3rd) 2


Shabidoo's comments[edit]

Solar Flares[edit]

This article is helarious and comic gold. It's somewhat all over the place but each section is well contained and funny enough to stand on its own (exccept maybe the mexican section). It starts off wonderfully and I laughed a lot through out. However the well though out humour of the first three sections sort of dries off a little. The middle didn't seem as polished nor had the energy as the beginning and end. The Mexican Food section and the Russians testing nuclear weapons section sort of fell flat for me. The funniest moments were the line about the Columbia crew taking a life boat to the sun, energy wasting, Ra's tampons (though could be tweaked a little) and the images. Very well chosen images with funny captions.

Solar Wind[edit]

It was a great idea to turn solar wind into flatulance and there were some funny moments in the article though it seemed a little understated at times and a little overdone at others. Perhaps it could be a little more diving in a little deeper and giving an explanation as to why solar wind exists at all and why people behave and react the way they do. For instance when you explaining why the Egyptians didn't seem to mind the smell I felt you'd taken the joke to a higher level by giving us some less random information.

The component of speed was very well written and funny. Stink lines or cartoons was funny. "he does everything more slowly for fear of shitting his pants" ... very funny. The ending is pretty gross. The images are great especially the gif.

The funniest moment was: The egyptians were aware of solar wind but didn't find it unpleasant. Can't smell your own theorem.


Over all I like the concept a lot...that there is a floating asteroid that represents the worst in Man. I think the second half of the article was rendered really well. The first half seemed a little random to me and somewhat out of place. Over all I thought it was funny

"inter-spatial obfuscation," made me laugh. Dedication to damnation was the most focussed section in my opinion and funniest overall:"One of the current government's core projects has been to eternally damn the human race," was funny.

The final section was also pretty funy and more subdued than the first sections. "so we as an asteroid promise to revise these methods and so make sure that we may damn all puny humans in a more humane tomorrow" made me laugh.

MACHOs and WIMPs[edit]

I like the premise a lot. It was genius to take MACHOs and WIMPs together and write an epic battle between them. I found that it seemed a little directionless however. It might be a good idea to cut down on the long narrative and pick a few key elements in the fight and explain the motivations behind their actions. Why did the MACHOs take the planets they did? There's a lot of commedic potential there. What was it about the planets that was worth taking. What attracts MACHOS to those places? Why do the MACHOs feel the need to piss all over the planets and mark their territories etc. This line made me laugh "Well, that wasn't very well-thought-out. The stars' proposition so angered the MACHOs and WIMPs that they all ganged up on the RAMBOs". Your final section was the strongest and your last line was helarious " I right, ladies? LOLOLOLOLOL".

Galactic Bulge[edit]

Pure creative brilliance.