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Cute Zekrom's Userpage

SOPA back for dessert?! Fuck Senator S(m)ith and his pro-corporate policies!

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Welcome to Cute Zekrom's userspace,
the source of the funniest science articles on Uncyclopedia


I wrote this message on Aaron Swartz's talk page:

Sheep, Stodmarsh 6.jpg The Sacrificial Lamb Barnstar
I consider you to be a "sacrificial lamb" for open access (cf. Emmett Till). You will inspire many to take action and we will eventually win the fight against an overreaching judicial system. (talk) 04:50, 21 January 2013 (UTC)

Stuff I do on Uncyclopedia[edit]

Imperial Colonization![edit]

It's official. I'm a member of the Most Awesome Order that is Imperial Colonization. I will use this space to link to articles I think could use a colonization.

  • Svalbard - could use more Golden Compass references.
This user is a member of Imperial Colonization.

Lookin' for something to write?[edit]

Please help out by creating these articles:

This page does not exist‏‎ (2,745 links), File:Nuvola apps important.svg‏‎ (551 links), File:Heckert GNU white.svg‏‎ (546 links), File:Nuvola United Kingdom flag.svg‏‎ (396 links), File:Dino template.svg‏‎ (282 links), File:Under section sign, swastika.svg‏‎ (270 links), File:Gnome-speakernotes.svg‏‎ (227 links), File:Robot icon blueeye.svg‏‎ (222 links), File:Face-surprise.svg‏‎ (220 links), File:Stop hand nuvola alternate.svg‏‎ (206 links), Template talk:Multi notice links‏‎ (194 links), Naomi Robson‏‎ (169 links), File:Nuvola apps important orange.svg‏‎ (145 links), Trailer Park Boys‏‎ (133 links), Mounties‏‎ (128 links), Wild West‏‎ (104 links), Virgin Islands‏‎ (101 links), Alan Moore‏‎ (99 links), File:Deletion icon.svg‏‎ (88 links), Category:Shemale Erotica‏‎ (85 links), Robotic ghost pirates‏‎ (81 links), Territories‏‎ (80 links), This page (honestly) really does not exist and if you dare to click on this link you will be sent into a black hole of endless nothingness where you will be tempted to edit pages that do not exist which will only get in you in even more trouble.‏‎ (80 links), File:High voltage warning.svg‏‎ (80 links), Infinite Crisis‏‎ (77 links), Bizarro‏‎ (76 links), Marseille‏‎ (75 links), Browser Wars‏‎ (74 links), Slugs‏‎ (74 links), Neodymium‏‎ (73 links), BOotS‏‎ (72 links), Tangerine‏‎ (72 links), File:Blue check.svg‏‎ (72 links), Europium‏‎ (70 links), Iodine‏‎ (70 links), Survivor‏‎ (70 links), Argon‏‎ (69 links), Charlton Heston‏‎ (69 links), Jimmy Olsen‏‎ (69 links), Katie Holmes‏‎ (69 links), Leaves‏‎ (69 links), Mint‏‎ (69 links), Iridium‏‎ (68 links), Starfire (comics)‏‎ (68 links), Plum‏‎ (67 links), Tungsten‏‎ (67 links), Berkelium‏‎ (66 links), Bohrium‏‎ (66 links), Cadmium‏‎ (66 links) and Ceres‏‎ (66 links)

Ideas for policy change world domination[edit]

I've got a few ideas as to how to improve Uncyclopedia policy. A few are listed below.

  • Junior Administrators, a group of users with limited admin privileges (rollback, browseArchive, etc.)
  • Files for Deletion, by which images and media go through a separate deletion process to reduce crowding on VFD

About me[edit]

Commander of the Order
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