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“Damn, brother! This is some good shit, here!”

~ Mr.T on how delicious Veg-All is and ever has been

“Veg-All doubleplusgood bellyfeel for proles”

~ Ingsoc on why proles should eat Veg-All

“These are Vegetables in a can. They taste good.”

~ Captain Obvious on Veg-All

“Engagingly good!”

~ Captain Jean-Luc Picard on the engagingly goodness of Veg-All
The only food you will ever need.

Veg-All is quite possibly the greatest canned food in existence. Invented in 1927 by a skilled team of scientists, physicists, food experts, and genetic engineers at the University of Cambridge, Veg-All is every single vegetable known to exist in one small, easy to use can. Virtually everyone loves Veg-All, which is why it's such a great food product! It has hearty vitamins such as: Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and every other vitamin you can even imagine!!! Come with us as we give you a grand tour of how Veg-All is made every day!

Meet our Lovely Staff![edit | edit source]

Veg-All Industries Botany and R&D Department.
Veg-All Industries Main Headquarters, located in serene Airstrip One.

Veg-All is, of course, made by Veg-All Industries. Veg-All industries was started in order to keep track of the government's exploitation of Veg-All's bad quality and insufficient nutritional value in order to keep the proletariats subdued and to make sure they are not growing in popularity and power! The composition of Veg-All is maintained by the R&D department, which makes sure only the finest vegetables are used in the production of our fine food. Veg-All contains only the freshest and ripe:

It is with this extreme attention to detail that Veg-All prides itself with. Every single vegetable is hand-picked, grown, and checked before it even reaches your dinner table! See, Safety first here a the offices of Veg-All Industries.

Why is Veg-All So Damned Successful?[edit | edit source]

Why do you even ask? The success of Veg-All is only measured by it's exceptional taste and quality! Every can of Veg-All goes through a Nine-step-process in order to make sure every can is safe to eat, and delicious too!

  • Step One: Vegetables are harvested.
  • Step Two: Vegetables are cleaned in a solution of vinegar and baking soda.
  • Step Three: Each Vegetable is given a safety bite by our quality taste testers
  • Step Four: Each Vegetable is then washed again in a solution of Aquafina and Semen.
  • Step Five: Vegetables are scanned for any pesticides. If any pesticides are found, they are immediately doubled.
  • Step Six: Vegetables are then sealed in a lead can with carbon dioxide and nuclear steam.
  • Step Seven: Veg-All is then sent to your favorite Supermarket
  • Step Eight: You buy Veg-All!
  • Step Nine: You enjoy Veg-All with every member of your family!

We hope you have enjoyed this exciting tour of how Veg-All started, how it was made, and how YOU can go buy some RIGHT NOW!!

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