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Newspeak.jpg prolefeedful bb yp 150 oldspeak doublplusungood
This article has been translated into newspeak to better prepare the public for the 2050 ushering out of oldspeak. anteoldspeakful file speakwritewise changed prolefeed. verify oceaniaful 12.01.150 dayorder upsub newspeak. bb watch fullwise.

Ingsoc Oceania primethink. Ingsoc doubleplusgood. Ingsoc everwise exist. Ingsoc primesource Oceania minis. Miniluv crimethinkstopper. Keeps Ingsocsource goodthink. Minipax oversea Ingsoc plus. Ingsoc sourcethink plus rations, wares. Ingsoc doubleplusgoodthink.

Partymembers have joy in partybuilding

Ingsoc[edit | edit source]

Ingsoc Minitrue HQ, Airstrip 1
Three slogans
Unpaxful paxful Unslavewise slavewise Unknow powerful

True, doubleplusgood. Bellyfeel fullwise. Uncabal cabal. The awesome L33T word isGeorge.

Members[edit | edit source]

  1. 2,000,795 Inner - the Party.
  2. 28,600,000 Outer - workers.
  3. 170,000,000 proles - unmembers, movefulbios.

Innerpartymembers pos doubleplusgood rat, doubleplusgood choco, doubleplusgood tea, doubleplusgood viccof, and doubleplusgood viccig. Innerpartymembers pos power - innerpartymembers pos power on persons. Innerpartymembers unoft undo telescreen. Innerpartymembers is doubleplusgoodthinkers allwise. They doubleplusunoft crimethink. Innerpartymembers wrk uneasywise luv outerpartymembers. Miniluvfulinnerpartymembers wrk uneasywise remake crimethinkers.

Outerpartymembers pos rat, choco, tea, viccof, and viccig. Outerpartymembers is unpowerfuler to innerpartymembers - outerpartymembers pos unpower on persons. Outerpartymembers unundo telescreen allwise. Outerpartymembers is oft goodthinkers, unand unoft crimethinkers. Unand, plentful crimethinkers is outerpartymembers. They req luv. They req BB.`BB luv them. BB unluv them

Proles pos no rat, plusungood choco, plusungood tea, plusungood cof, and plusungood cig. Proles is doubleplusunpowerful - proles pos doubleplusunpower on thing. Proles unpos telescreen. Proles is ungoodthinker, unand oft crimethinkers. BB unluv proles. Proles is movefulbios.

Minis[edit | edit source]

Miniplent prod things. Miniplent feed innerpartymembers, outerpartymembers, and proles. Miniplenty prod rat, things. Miniplent make Oceania doubleplusplentful. Miniplent grow Oceania. On fourful month, chocorat added by 20g.

Minipax keep pax. Minipax make doubleplusspeedwise gun, doubleplusplentful gunammos, doubleplusfloatful floating fortresses, soldiers, military. Minipax is doubleplusspeedwise. Minipax is doublepluspowerful. Minipax unluv Eastasia. Eastasia is enemy. Eurasia is unungoodland - Eurasia is ally.

Minitrue keep true. Minitrue work uneasy keep trueful recs. Minitrue unoft err. Minitrue rectify plusungood malreps. Miniluv rectify doubleplusungood malreps ref unpersons. Minitrue write "Times". Minitrue make prolefeed.

Miniluv keep luv. Miniluv wrk uneasy keep goodthink. Miniluv stop crimethink Miniluv is doubleplusgoodcrimestopper. Miniluv remake crimethinkers luv BB. Miniluvfulmembers luv crimethinkers and cure crimethinkers. Make prolefeed.

BB[edit | edit source]

(oldspeak): Big Brother. doubleplusgoodperson. BB is center of party. BB luv party, members. BB luv goodproles. BB feed minis, party, proles. BB unapprove &#$&*#%$ Emmanuel Goldstein and unbook (ref unbook) BB command Minis and party. BB undie. BB unold. BB allundful. BB watch you. Fuck BB maked by proles

thinkpol[edit | edit source]

(oldspeak): thoughtpolice. doubleplusgood speedwise crimestopper. undo crimethinks fullwise and speedwise. ref miniluv.

History[edit | edit source]

Ingsoc principles were founded in 1947 Ingsoc founding date is 1802 Ingsoc origin date is 1484 Ingsoc sourcetime 429. Ingsoc everwise exist. Ingsoc party sourcethink. Party base Ingsoc everwise. Oceania make undate evertime. Oceania, party, BB everwise exist. Ingsoc source nat. Innat in prole, party Ingsoc. Uningsoc ungoodthink sub goodthink. Ingsoc war to Eurasia Eastasia Eurasia Eastasia Eurasia Eastasia Eurasia Eastasia Eurasia Eastasia Eurasia goodthink sub ungoodthink.