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I abandoned the original plan, to further illustrate a media outlet refusing to do its job, in fear of inflaming public opinion, in a way that does so anyway; and digressed to themes from talk radio yesterday. It was Laura Ingraham who made fun of the way the Pastor couldn't get the word "imam" right. Good thing it's called the World Outreach church. Spıke ¬ 14:34 11-Sep-10

Haaaa! the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida! HAAAA! Good touch Spike. Cheers!--Funnybony Icons-flag-th.png Agnideva-small.jpg AGT-logo-small.jpg 17:23, Sep 11

That's no touch, Funnybony, that's its name. As always, I rely on reality itself to provide some of the absurdity in my UnNews stories. (In the 7 September story, I played with it and called it the Dove World Friendship Center--but decided that reality is every bit as funny as my satire of it.) Spıke ¬ 18:07 11-Sep-10