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Saturday, February 2, 2019

TEL AVIV -- Eurovision Song Contest 2018 winner and extremely cool person Netta has just released her follow-up to the ESC winning song "Toy", called "Bassa Sababa". The song's title could be translated as "Cool Bomber", or rather "Wonderful Depression", or rather "Lame, I'm So Happy".

This is, of course, not the first hit song dealing with depression in an uplifting manner. Almost every Type O Negative tune could be described as Bassa Sababa. Netta will probably perform her new song at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv, which will be hosted by Sports Illustrated veteran Bar Refaeli and 3 additional people. Bar is still as hot as ever, if someone wondered.

Another Bassa Sababa song is "Downer", the last track on the forgotten but still best Nirvana album Bleach. The Weird Al James Brown parody "Living with a Hernia" would also fall under this category. "Bassa Sababa" contains many additional words in Hebrew, for example "Messiba Bassi", which is "a party at its high point". The song seems to be just as good as "Toy", and is sure to burn many dancefloors in & out of Europe. UnNews is still trying to work out the other lyrics to the song, and figure out if they are actually in English or in Hebrew.

Netta is planning to cover Type O Negative's hit "My GF's GF" for her next single. The song's Hebrew title will be "Gaffa Fagaga" and it will be a duet with Lady Gaga, unless Gaga's agents will break Netta's balls like they did to Weird Al. Hope Gaga has a thick skin once again.