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4 December 2008

Chris Moyles seen here leaving his London flat after being serviced by a harem of 200 Polish women or "Polish Minges" as Moyle’s calls them.

RADIO 1 DJ Chris Moyles has yet another controversy to deal with after he publically stated earlier today that he’s mad for "Polish minge." This comes just after the recent controversy about him and weegie puff John Barrowman.

Chris took the time to state his sexual deviance yesterday on his BBC Radio 1 show; reportedly the comment was highly encouraged by his spunky cleaner who also happens to be a ‘Polish whore.’

The DJ stated that “I’ve always had the thing for Poles, specifically Polish minge. It’s like Hoboeroticism, but even better. They make great cleaners for all the rolls of fat I can’t reach in the shower; I always get two for sexual and cleaning purposes. I get paid £650,000 a year, and I blow forty, fify thousand on Polski Pleasure.”

Reportedly this has gone on for some years since the BBC were able to pay Moyles’s a large salary, with which he fed his carnal passion for vulnerable Polish immigrants, a passion shared by Jo Whily an avid rug-muncher and she is supposed to have led Chris to this 'addiction'.

There has been an ongoing speculation as to Chris's harem and the nature of how he spends his ample BBC salary, his employer however declined to comment on this recent scandal.

Today thousands of Polish women flock to the UK hoping to be one of Moyles's Scrubbers, and this public admission is likely to start further floods of Poles to the UK.

Since 2002 when immigration was slackened thousands of foreign women have sought to become Chris Moyles's paid concubines. However this latest instance has sparked the long anticipated controversy, as many men from other parts of the UK have complained at the lack of prostitution in their area.

This latest controversy has “justified” Harriet Harman’s “Project Anti-Foreign Minge” stance on immigration says Jack Straw who was taking prime minister's questions today after Gordon Brown claimed his arm was “tingling” and his “heart was racing.”

It remains to be seen whether the controversy will die down or get swept aside after Russell Brand's admission of shagging "Manuel’s hooker daughter."


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