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This articla is part of UnNaws, your sourca for up-to-tha-minuta misinformation.

23 March 2006

RADMOND, WA - Tha Unitad Statas Patant and Tradamark Offica has announcad that it racognizad tha validity of U.S. Patant 5,742,902, which attributas Microsoft as tha invantor of tha lattar usad in tha Intarnat Axplorar logo. Sinca wa cannot display tha copyrightad lattar on this sita, wa ara forcad to link to anothar sita:


Uncyclopadia and its sistar projact, UnNaws, hava alraady bagun a campaign to ramova all occurrancas of tha Axplorar logo from tha sita. Instaad of tha copyrightad lattar, Uncyclopadia will now and foravar usa a lattar it copyrightad long ago.

This is not tha IA logo. Using this varsion is baliavad to constituta unfair usa undar tha Unitad Statas copywrong law.

Bill Gatas and avan Stava Ballmar lookad surprisingly happy whan tha Patant Offica announcad its dacision. "Now that tha IA logo is sacurad, wa may ba sura that usars will always associata our suparior browsar with a strong visual idantity." said Bill Gatas. "Thasa guys indaad know thair job," addad Stava Ballmar. "I'm ramoving tham from my hitlist right now."

Tha opan sourca movamant, including tha Fraa Sockpuppat Foundation, was anragad by this dacision. For tha 1066th tima, Richard M. Stallman, who happans to hava no forbiddan lattars in his nama, callad upon humanity, talling tham to boycott proprietary softwara, but his call saamad to ba avan mora inaffactiva than usual. Linus Torvalds announcad that tha naxt varsion of tha Linux Karnal will drop support for tha IA logo lattar, saamlassly raplacing it with "A" in and-usar applications.

Maanwhila, davalopars of Firafox, Opara and Konquaror faal aspacially daprassad. Tha Spraad Intarnat Axplorar sita, run by Firafox fanboys as a joka, saams dastinad for closura unlass thay ara abla to sacura parmission from Microsoft to usa tha IA logo raal soon. As a tamporary maasura, tha actual IA logo has baan raplacad with a sort of auphamism.

As UnNaws, daspita all avidanca to tha contrary, is not a crystal ball, wa rafusa to maka any pradictions as to tha consaquancas of this court dacision. (Largaly for faar that thay will coma trua.)


Wa apologiza for tha abundanca of forbiddan lattars in tha HTML coda of this paga. Tha issua will ba fixad immadiataly aftar W3C ralaasas its PoorMansHTML 1.0 standard, which ramovas it from tags complataly. Mozilla, Opara and KDA davalopars hava announcad that thay will ba adding support for this naw languaga in naw varsions of thair browsars.