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19 May 2011

A close look at the shoulders of both arms of this unknown actress reveal that they are, in fact, prosthetic. Later on in the film, 4 other fake body parts are used in her death throes.

HOLLYWOOD, California -- Major Hollywood motion picture studios have announced their interest in manufacturing or "otherwise acquiring" such prostheses as artificial breasts, nipples, vaginas, penises, testicles, and buttocks for use in films that include "body horror."

The term "body horror" refers to the fear and disgust that is generated by subjecting the flesh to pain, dismemberment, torture, and other such fun activities, and it’s "not for the squeamish," Paramount Pictures’ spokesperson Ima Zombie told Unnews’ reporter Lotta Lies. "There’s almost always blood," she warned, "and sometimes guts, because that, in addition to young women’s tits and ass, is what horror movie audiences want to see." It used to be that "a little jiggle and wiggle was all moviegoers expected, but now that so many scream queens have gone topless or completely naked on screen, audiences want more."

One way that moviemakers hope to deliver the goods their audiences want is to "expose, burn, butcher, spindle, fold, and mutilate... the more sensitive and private parts of characters’ bodies," Zombie declared, explaining "that’s where the prosthetics come in. Current law prohibits our use of real body parts, even if actresses are willing to part with them."

In the past, special effects makeup artists have relied upon latex masks and prosthetics of torsos, internal organs, and other body parts, but audiences have become increasingly sophisticated and want more realistic props, Zombie complained. "Many of them visit mortuaries or morgues in their spare time, and they know, from direct personal observation, what a dead person looks like and what their viscera and limbs look like outside of or unattached to their bodies. They want us to depict these effects realistically. In response to their expectations, Paramount and other studios have started using medical prostheses."

"In particular, we are interested in parts, such as breasts and buttocks, that are associated with secondary sexual characteristics and with the genitals themselves," Zombie informed this reporter, "and the transvestite, transsexual, and transgender communities--or is it community?--have been very helpful in helping us to acquire breast forms, body shaping corsets, padded bras, cleavage creators, and other accoutrements of alternative femininity."

Isn’t all this a bit much?

"No," Zombie assures Unnews’ readers, "it’s what audiences want. The young men and women who watch horror movies today are more apt to expect the abject than they are to reject it, and Hollywood intends to give them just what they want."

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