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6 February 2010

"I am convinced that all African-Americans today are just as pleased as I am", says Paul Mooney

CHARLESTON, South Carolina -- Afro-Americans across America are expressing the same sentiment about Black History Month (February): meh! The reason for this seems to be that all, or almost all, Afro-Americans are perfectly content.

Comedian, writer, television and film actor Paul Mooney told UnNews in an exclusive interview, "I lived through the racial troubles of the 50s, 60' and 70s, and I used to be the stereotypical angry black man myself. I think I mellowed a bit after that, only because age does that to a man. Now that we have a black man in the White House, however, consideration of reparations and such nonsense have been rendered moot."

White Liberals seem Hell-bent on keeping the illusion' of racial discrimination in America alive. Liberal website Buzzflash.com provides an excellent example of this delusional idealism, insisting that the United States still has problems with interracial relations:

"In another delusional national moment it was declared that ours is a post-racial society. Conservatives insist they are unjustly accused of racism simply for opposing the president’s policies. No-one makes that allegation, however one can’t help but notice that virulent sea of white faces at Tea Party events, listen to the dreck Rush Limbaugh dishes out, or hear “birthers” and right-wing politicians like J.D. Hayworth demand proof of Obama’s citizenship to understand that we aren’t post-racial quite yet." [1]

We at UnNews encourage you to counter this sort of critical thinking, and recommend an excellent resource of good, wholesome, Christian thinking; Conservapedia.

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