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Better to reign in Uncyclopedia than serve in Wikipedia

 John Milton on stating the obvious

Are you looking to join a team of enthusiastic and extremely sarcastic individuals? Do you like to feel like you are a valuable part of a "team?" Do you want an employer who considers you their slave?

If you said "I prefer not to answer" to any or all of these questions, you may be qualified to be a sysop at Uncyclopedia!

This is the place where twice a year, Uncyclopedia users choose and vote for the most qualified users to be given the mop of power. Additionally, this is the place for votes to remove ops from a user, either in urgent cases, or during the regular bi-annual votes.

Rules for op votes

  • You may nominate whomever you want.
  • Only registered users whose accounts are at least 2 weeks old and have 75 constructive edits may vote on or nominate administrators.
  • No self-nominations.
  • Votes for bureaucrats and interface ops follow the same rules. Votes on those ends follow seperate vote counts.
  • Joke nominations and votes are permitted. These do not count towards normal vote limits, but each user is limited to a maximum of 1 joke nomination. Joke nominations should go on the bottom, in italics.

The process (all dates and times are calculated in UTC, unless someone gets lazy and is a few hours late/early)

  • Each user may nominate one sysop, beginning on the 1st of every April and October.
  • Until the 20th, users may vote on a maximum of three sysop candidates.
  • From the 21st - 30th, current ops take the candidates with at least 50% of the leader's score and vote on who to op.
  • On the last day of any month with 31 days, current ops play Russian Roulette to see who gets de-opped. (Zombiebaron goes first with 6 bullets)

Rules for de-op votes

  • Only established users, per the above qualifications, may nominate an administrator to be de-opped.
  • Be professional, and lay out your case for de-opping clearly and with evidence of their supposed wrongdoing uploaded to Uncyclopedia, and linked in your nomination.
  • For a de-op to be successful, a supermajority (2/3) of votes must be in favor of the motion.
  • No half votes or semi-votes.

NB: The ops can change these rules at any time for any reason to help the fight against wiki-terrorism.

NEXT VFS: BEGINS OCT. 01, 2021. Editing Allowed for de-ops ONLY.

Please note editing it for any other reason may cause it to be fully protected. Thank you.

De-op nominations

Buffalo chicken sandwich

  1. Symbol delete vote.svg Delete. Soggy bread and shitty soggy vegetables barely even a fuckin sandwich Explode fire.gif Explode fire.gifNeon Green Hammer And Sickle.PNG - Not particularly sincere, Sir ColinAYBExplode fire.gifCUNExplode fire.gifVFHExplode fire.gifWhoringExplode fire.gifMore Whoring Explode fire.gifat 17:31, Friday 07 May 2021 - Neon Green Hammer And Sickle.PNGExplode fire.gif Explode fire.gif
  2. Keep. I like awful tasting mushy garbage sandwiches! 17:47, 7 May 2021 (UTC)
  3. Neutral icon C.svg Neutral. because toasted hamburger buns aren't prone to mushiness, unlike standard bread.  Cassandra  (talk) 17:51, 7 May 2021 (UTC)
  4. Symbol declined.svg For Not made from real buffalo. --EMC [TALK] 15:22 May 28 2021

Op nominations

Chicken club toaster

  • The best sandwich at Sonic. --EMC [TALK] 15:22 May 28 2021