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Hey! Be careful how you use this. Uncyclopedia is supposed to look like a supposedly legitimate encyclopedia. This template might help the illusion. Might. Only use this template if you can come up with good jokes or it will be like putting a turd on on top of an ice cream sundae.

Flag of Sweden.png
Ikea sweden 2.jpg
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: Suck it, Denmark
Anthem: A Cold Wind is Blowing Through the Fjords
This map is a lame attempt at visual humor
Capital Stockholm
Previous capital Hell
Largest city Freeseweiner
Demonym Swedish, ja?
Official language(s) Swedish
Government Constitutional monarchy, Snow Parliament
‑ King Björn Ulvaeus
‑ Prime Minister Benny Andersson
‑ Speaker of the
Anni-Frid Lyngstad
‑ Secretary of the
Agnetha Fältskog
National Hero(es) ABBA
Established Mooo!
Currency Snow, bad taste
Religion What?
Population approx. 8
Area Slightly larger than Finland
Population density 2/km2
Time Zone UTC+0
Ethnic groups Reindeer, snowbound psychotics
Major exports Surströmming
Major imports Snow
National food Meatballs
Favorite Apple product iBalls
National animal Yeti
National sport(s) Hockey, talking about hockey
Hours of
9:00 to 9:15
Internet TLD .se
Calling code 12
Drives on the sidewalk

This Infobox template is used to generate a right-hand infobox in articles about real (or bullshit) countries or territories. It was designed by a crack team of thoroughly-whipped code monkeys to be as versatile as possible without making it too complicated for visitors or touring wikipedians.


Required fields

There are none. Because that's how we roll, bitches.

Full field listing

Remember, all fields are completely optional. If you can't come up with a good joke for a particular field, don't use it! Heck, don't use this infobox at all. You're probably better off without it. If you must use this infobox, be funny. Or else...

Sadly, few insurance policies cover "face devoured by raccoons." Don't let this happen to YOU!

{{Infobox Country
 |native_name             = 
 |conventional_long_name  = 
 |common_name             = 
 |image_flag              = <!-- Some image.png -->
 |flag_caption            = <!-- defaults to [[Category:Flags|Flag]] -->
 |image_coat              = <!-- another image.png -->
 |coat_caption            = <!-- defaults to [[Symbol|Coat of arms]] -->
 |national_motto          = 
 |national_motto_english  = <!-- when making a joke in another language, it's good to translate it -->
 |national_anthem         = 
 |image_map               = <!-- yet another lame image.png -->
 |map_caption             = 
 |capital                 = 
 |previous_capital        = 
 |largest_city            = 
 |demonym                 = 
 |official_languages      = 
 |government_type         = 
 |leader_title1           = <!-- use with leader_name1 -->
 |leader_name1            = <!-- use with leader_title1 -->
 |leader_title2           = 
 |leader_name2            = 
 |leader_title3           = 
 |leader_name3            = 
 |leader_title4           = 
 |leader_name5            = 
 |leader_title5           = 
 |leader_name5            = 
 |favourite_object_title1 = <!-- use with favourite_object_name1 -->
 |favourite_object_name1  = <!-- use with favourite_object_title1 -->
 |favourite_object_title2 = 
 |favourite_object_name2  = 
 |favourite_object_title3 = 
 |favourite_object_name3  = 
 |favourite_object_title4 = 
 |favourite_object_name4  = 
 |national_heroes         = 
 |formation_type          = 
 |independence            = 
 <!-- YOU MUST USE EITHER independence OR formation -->
 |formation               = 
 |currency                = 
 |religion                = 
 |population              = 
 |area                    = 
 |timezone                = 
 |population_density      = 
 |ethnic_groups           = 
 |major_exports           = 
 |major_imports           = 
 |wildcard_title1         = <!-- use with wildcard_name1 -->
 |wildcard_name1          = <!-- use with wildcard_title1 -->
 |wildcard_title2         = 
 |wildcard_name2          = 
 |national_animal         = 
 |national_sports         = 
 |hours_of_operation      = 
 |internet_tld            = 
 |calling_code            = 
 |drives_on               = 


Wildcard fields

There are two "wildcard" and four "favorite_object" fields, for a total of six fields which you can use for adding non-standard data. For example, if you wished to create the field "Total Population with More Than Two Brain Cells", and associate the value "approx. 7" with it, you might add this when invoking the template in your page:

{{Infobox Country
|favourite_object_title1 = Total Population with More Than Two Brain Cells
|favourite_object_name1 = approx. 7

Or you might do it this way:

{{Infobox Country
|wildcard_title1 = Total Population with More Than Two Brain Cells
|wildcard_name1 = approx. 7

Either way will work; the only difference between "favourite_object_title#" and "wildcard_title#" is that a "favourite_object" will display before a "wildcard".

Editing the template

First off, don't. You don't know what you're doing.

If you think you do know what you're doing, please first try to get familiar with it, and use a sandbox for testing. If you must add a field, do be a dear and add your new field to the DOCUMENTATION above.