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Were you looking for Ducks? You're in the right place.
A map showing where Duckistan is.

Duckistan is a large country just North of Kazakhstan, facing Russia, and is inhabitated by ducks. Its capital is Ducksberg, in the North of the country. Coincidently, it is ALSO inhabited by ducks.


Duckistan was discovered around 100AD (Anno Duck), by a group of duckist explorers, lead by the very founder of the religon himself, Donald Duck. Before then the duck shaped piece of land had remained unpopulated. Maybe the locals were unfriendly or the food was bad or something.

But anyway, Donald Duck, lead by the explorers founded Duckistan, and began setting up towns and villages, including the current capital, Ducksberg. It was here that he announced that the religion of duckism had become official, and Ducksberg has never been stronger.

The location of Duckistan on a world map.

That was until 1762, when Robot Nazis attacked Ducksberg, and soon the Duckists of Duckistan were thrown into war. Duckistan received very little damage during the war, until the Church of Duck was formed in 1765 by Connor Hogan and Cormac Branngian. And in early 1765, Duckism was attacked in the Battle of the Refugees, weakening their forces so badly that they lost the war.

It was then that Duckism in Duckistan was destroyed by the Church of Duck and the Robot Nazis, and from then onwards it has been totally inhabited by members of the Church of Duck.

So a Duckistan government was set up by the Church of Duck, and Duckistan has been governed by it ever since.

Lifestyle in Duckistan[edit]

Life in duckistan is very hard for many. Finding suitable ponds and nesting sites are almost impossible, due to the growing population in duckistan. It is also very racist, with rubber ducks being outcasted and shunned, because of their lack of feathers. And their lack of life, but that's a different story.

Tourism in Duckistan is also very poor, and because of that, the countries economy is very low. They get most of their money from stuffing their dead and selling them as cuddly toys.

The original flag of Duckistan; as old as the country itself, this flag was destroyed by the Church of Duck in 1765.


The official flag of Duckistan has never truly been agreed on, while some people say that the duckist's original flag belongs to the country, others say that the Church of Duck flag is the official one as Duckistan is now the centre of its religion.

In The Great Duck War, duckist soldiers would have the flag on their uniforms, and it would also be on army trucks, helicopters and duck bombers. During the split between the duckist's west Berlin and the Robot Nazis' east Berlin, duckists would openly wave their flag, hanging it on telephone posts, painting it on houses, and bombarding patriotic citizens with it, to remind duckist children where they're from.

The First Duckist Flag[edit]

The original flag of Duckistan, created in 100AD, when the country was first formed, and commonly agreed my many as the true flag. The creator of the flag is unknown, but it is known that he/she/probably he was definitely a duckist.

Displaying this flag in Duckistan, Germany, Poland, Ireland, Brazil, England and America was illegal between 1765-1910, and those who did it would be put to death.

Although this law was abolished in 1910, displaying the flag openly in Duckistan today will be inviting gangs to murder you, sectarian assassins to kill you or extremists to bomb your house.

Though it is now legal to display the flag, it is still practically a death wish.

The Duckistan flag, created in 1766.

The Church of Duck Flag[edit]

On the left you see an image of The Church of Duck's Duckistan flag; the white stands for peace (for The Church of Duck), the red circle stands for creation, the writing is a quote from the late but great Charlie Gander, and the yellow duck represents The Church of Duck and, of course, Ducks, the two most important things to the country. It was created in 1766 by Connor Hogan, after the previous inhabitants of the country, the duckists, had been wiped out, and their flag destroyed. In their later battles, the flag was always displayed. The flag is displayed at The Church of Duck's political meetings, in their cities and towns, and as a sign of patriotism for young and old members of The Church of Duck, showing them where they're from and where they belong.