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A Chungus (Plural: Chungi) is an oversized version of the average rabbit. Commonly found in North America, Chungi like to gorge on all of the fast food found in North America. Chungi often put fast food restaurants out of business because of the amount they eat. An example of a Chungus is the cousin of Bugs Bunny, Gargantuan Garry, nicknamed Big Chungus. He is fifty times heavier then your average rabbit and the Chungus disease is named after him. He puts at least one hundred fast food restaurants out of business an hour, so he has to constantly move, which leads to his inconvenience because he is so fat and can’t walk or fit in a cargo plane, let alone a cargo truck, highway, or a large camper. He just won’t fit(just so you know, even if you manage to put him on a cargo ship, then it will sink). A Chungus is also a person that looks like a huge dumpling. Your average Chungus stuffs their face with about one tenth of an elephant a day.

Chungus Origins[edit]

Chungi used to be regular humans, until a very small group of people discovered that you can watch eat a very large amount of porn Corn and survive. But very recent studies found out that if you survive eating corn, then it leads to extreme addiction to gold, women, sex (any kind, being gay, lesbian, or regular), and porn YouTube.

Chungus Side Effects[edit]

Something Chungi that used to be humans didn’t know, is that porn Corn makes them sit and watch hentai anime YouTube while eating stuff from McDonalds, Wendy’s, and Burger King all at once. “How do they stuff their face with so much food at once?” you ask? We don’t know. Try asking Your Mom. Or try asking yourself. Now let’s move on to the reproductive system of the Chungus.

Chungus Reproductive System[edit]

So, basically these overly obese rabbits stick a loooooooooooooonnnnnnnng carrot up into their ass (and yes, it has to go in the ass) and the carrot will touch their reproductive organ. Then, the organ flashes as a baby Chungus forms. (Note that all genders of chungus can do this.) But that’s not all. They also can stick many other vegetables up into their ass such as potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplants but they will produce a random animal from a different species. If multiple different vegetables are stuffed in, the effects are unknown as they haven’t been tested. Once used for reproduction, a vegetable will be drained of the nutrients within it and cannot be used again or eaten.

Chungus Diet[edit]

Chungi eat mostly fast food from McDonalds, Wendy’s, and Burger King. They also eat roughly 70 pounds of chips per week, so 10 pounds per day. On very very rare occasions, if a Chungus is force fed something “healthy”, they may start to excrete a liquid combination of gold, platinum, and silver from where we will not mention that is highly valuable and wanted by all that see it. If one is to see an ounce or more of this liquid, they will have the strong desire to buy it and stab yourself in the crotch three times.

The Chongus[edit]

The Chongus is a person with the Chungus disease, but the disease has progressed to critical stages. Now, the person is 4 times heavier than a Chungus, and they have lost most of their ability to walk. They now need to stick vegetables in their penis in order to reproduce and they eat roughly 300 pounds of food and 120 pounds of chips per day. They are so large that they can survive off of their own fat for 2 months. If a Chongus’s condition evolves even more, then they will become a Changus and die after a few days from obesity. The largest Changus on record is 6,820 pounds, but prehistoric fossils of Changus show that they could evolve even more into even larger beings.

Daily Life Of A Chungus[edit]

The life of a chungus is very sad. The routine for them is eat, sleep, Shove a pink phatic object up their ass fuck drink, repeat. As you see, the daily life of a chungus is very repetitive, so once every few years, they try something new like getting a life, but then they decide that it takes too much effort so they just give up on change, leading to depression.

Chungus/Chongus/Changus Cure[edit]

Being a Chungus/Chongus is bad, so if you have a case of Chungus/Chongus, follow these steps in the order presented. Unless you have Changus. If you have Changus, then their is no cure.

  1. Go to your nearest market scream that you have Chungus/Chongus while nude.
  2. Find the nearest blade and sit on it.
  3. Go to the nearest rabbit until it bites you. (If it doesn’t, bite the rabbit.)
  4. Change your gender from male to female (if you’re already female, then sit while solving Sunday’s crossword puzzle and attach a dick to your urine disposal hole.)
  5. Go to a bar and pole dance.
  6. Steal a naked woman little girl from the black market human store and sacrifice her to the carrot gods. (If they don’t have girls in stock, a boy will do. If neither boy or girl are in stock, gender-fluid people can be used but they are only to be used as a last resort. Only a last resort.) Once the person is sacrificed, they will be taken into the carrot gods domain and the carrot gods will begin the impregnating process with the person. This will impregnate them regardless of gender. This is why males are not suggested and why gender-fluid people are only to be used as a last resort.
  7. Don’t follow any of these steps because they don’t cure Chungus/Chongus/Changus.

Hopefully you didn’t do any of those steps. But if you did (and I’m guessing you did), then collect two time stones from Dr. Strange and Thanos, then reverse time until you don’t have a dick attached to your urine disposal hole or until you are male again.

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Save the Chungi[edit]

STRENGTH IN NUMBERS (Not really though) - Gargantuan Garry

The chungi are going extinct due to the lack of vegetables to shove up their ass caused by price inflation, so instead, they look at Lezhin comics to cure their need for the pleasure of vegetables shoved up their ass, although it just makes them even more depressed because the number of dicks shoved up a ass reminds them of the numbers of vegetables they shoved up their ass after things got messy. Donate today to give poor Chungi the vegetables they need to reproduce and the fast food they eat. To donate, go to or something like that.