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Users that speak SQL.

  • 0 User does not understand what a database is or why anyone would want one.
  • 1 User understands just enough SQL to delete from large tables without a where clause.
  • 2 User understands just enough SQL not to delete from large tables without a where clause (intermediate).
  • 3 User has advanced understanding of this language, but has not yet advanced the understanding of this language.
  • 4 User is one of the select few from backgrounds where understanding is like native.
  • N User is a native speaker of this language and is therefore most likely an oracle.
  • E User learned this language in school, then became a C++ programmer and never used it since.
  • F User got an F in this language, sitting in the group by the window having better things to do.
  • G User wants to remove all SQLs from existence, probably because they sat through Police Academy 6.
  • A User speaks this language with a thick accent. Please check your keyboard settings.
  • L User has a lisp that affects how they speak this language. Note that LISP is not SQL compatible.
  • P User is a profane speaker of this language. create cursor (")&$#@)($@#!!!");
  • X User only speaks this language enough to seduce native speakers of this language. Why would anyone do this?

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