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UNDERTALE is a videogame about child-murdering subterranean monsters who attempt to kill you at every turn, but the monsters are the good guys because they like anime and talk in forced memes. It's called UNDERTALE cause CAVERNFABLE, GROTTOYARN and SUBTERRANEANDIEGESIS were taken. You play a silent protagonist who finds themself in a mysterious cave system haunted by flowers modified by a mad scientist, and no these flowers are golden and not red so you can't sue. Instead of flying with boosters and shooting bars of soap, you dodge things on screen and read dialogue.

The game has an inventive story which touches on meta-narratives, choice and the consequences of violence in interactive entertainment, which means it attracts the Thomas Was Alone crowd who believe videogames were all murder simulators and Tetris before they started blogging about it. The game has a colorful cast of anthropomorphized animals with shoehorned character tics, which appeals to the My Little Pony fans and other zoophilics who don't see the shame in fapping to pictures of blue glowing skeleton boners. Add the two together and somehow you get the biggest indie game of 2015.


You dodge things with the arrow keys and press Z, X and C after that to beat the game.

You can ATTACK monsters who attack you and kill them, or you can SPARE them since that's how you get to play the feel-good pacifist route. God knows you won't spare them otherwise, since they'll be walking all-invisible like getting ready to pounce on you even after you've spared them for the fifth goddamn time. You can also FLIRT with monsters, a game mechanic created solely to inspire smut art and incessant shipping wars.


The fandom of UNDERTALE is well known for having its ups and downs, as its fandom is the following: 40% porn, which makes no sense. 30% bad art, 5% creeps who rant at everyone's opinion, 20% weird kids, And 5% good and legitimate stuff. UNDERTALE is actually stage 7 brain cancer thanks to the fans


Frisk: Protagonist of Undertale and holy figure of the Agender faith. Frisk's character is often the subject for debate after a terrorist attack that took the lives of 29 people in response to a Lithuanian paper depicting Frisk as male. Frisk's gender, henceforth, became a major debate topic late in the 2016 U.S. Election between Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Sportacus.

The story of Frisk begins with the announcement of The Emoji Movie, in which the character attempts to take their own life by jumping off a cliff. Unfortunately, Frisk survived the fall only to then be made a talking flower's bitch. At this point, Frisk knew they fucked up. Interestingly enough, Frisk would be saved from the talking flower with the help of Toriel 'the Goat Mom,' who then attempts to annex the fallen child as one of her own. For the 10-20 minutes to follow, Toriel would teach Frisk the ways of peace, love, and friendship while at the same time serving the fallen child butterscotch pie.

Regardless, Frisk would soon discover Toriel's MAC-10 and proceed to kill everyone, only to eventually fall into an endless loop of getting Cucked by a skeleton.

Flowey the Flower:

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