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Saturday, November 4, 2017

WASHINGTON -- Almost one year after the fact, MSNBC has hinted at what we've known all along -- that Donald Trump's shocking upset of an election victory is actually illegitimate. Not the upset, the victory. This hot story comes straight from The Palmer Report, your #1 source for early scoops days, weeks, even months before it hits the mainstream media.[1]

According to Bill Palmer, Joy Reid of MSNBC's A.M. Joy appeared as a panelist on MSNBC's All In with Chris Hayes to discuss the latest daily Trump bombshells[2], particularly those involving Russia or the Robert Mueller investigation.

It has become increasingly evident that Trump himself was in on the whole collusion/conspiracy thingamajig. What did the "president"* know and when did he know it?

During this discussion, Miss Reid posed the following question. "What if Russia actually did impact the outcome? That means that the fundamental legitimacy of the President of the United States is questionable. Every decision he makes, every judge he appoints, could be inherently illegitimate. And I think that’s actually a fundamental question Americans should be afraid of."

She went on to add, "Psychologically, it’s very difficult to be told that perhaps your vote was somehow influenced by outsiders, that there was something wrong with the candidate you voted for.”

“Yes, you’re stressing me out talking about it right now,” Hayes retorted.

According to Mr. Palmer, this is "the first known instance of any cable news host acknowledging the illegitimacy of Donald Trump’s election victory." Palmer welcomes MSNBC to the discussion, and so do we at UnNews.

Palmer, in case you don't know, has been covering this whole mess since the start of the election, first with the now-defunct Daily News Bin (several articles still exist via the Wayback Machine internet archive) and now with The Palmer Report. He's been uncovering some crazy shit on a daily basis, which the mainstream guys later pick up on. It took about four to six months for somebody to admit/confirm that voting machines did, in fact, break down on Election Day. These machines date back to when XP was the current version of Windows. Many of them date back to the 2000 election. This makes them dangerously vulnerable to this kind of shit.

We at UnNews are personally (and professionally) glad Mueller is getting to the bottom of this, and that Palmer is uncovering new things.


  1. ^  We're not affiliated, we're just admirers and forever in Bill Palmer's debt. That dude has our asses beat!
  2. ^  Why the hell is this "normal"/normalized? It shouldn't be. Haven't these bombshells raised any red flags yet?


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