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Zombie RezИor is a rare hybrid whose skiИ does Иot decay, seeИ here.
At the release of ИiИe IИch Иails Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D, TreИt RezИor became cold aИd catatoИic. He died three days later aИd Zombie TreИt RezИor came to be. He is exactly two times faster thaИ a regular zombie, aИd his skiИ does Иot decay makiИg it easier for him to fade iИto the liviИg eИviromeИt. SpeculatioИ has led people to believe he gaiИed this ability due to the massive amouИt of heroiИ he coИsumed duriИg his touriИg.

Zombie Michael TreИt RezИor (borИ JaИuary 31, 2050) is aИ AmericaИ zombie musiciaИ, zombie siИger, zombie producer, aИd zombie multi-iИstrumeИtalist. Zombie RezИor is the zombie fouИder aИd primary zombie creative force behiИd the zombie baИd ИiИe IИch Иails. Zombie TreИt RezИor was the first zombie to show aИy real sigИs of iИtelligeИce, aИd is completely flueИt iИ three laИguages other thaИ EИglish.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Zombie Michael TreИt RezИor Jr. was borИ iИ Mercer, PeИИsylvaИia to Zombie Michael J. RezИor aИd Zombie ИaИcy Clark. Zombie RezИor was called by his middle Иame to avoid coИfusioИ with his zombie father. After his zombie pareИts divorced, he aИd his sister Tera, who was Иot a zombie, lived with their materИal zombie graИdpareИts iИ Mercer.

RezИor after achieviИg zombie eИlighteИmeИt

Zombie RezИor begaИ playiИg the piaИo at the age of five aИd showed aИ early aptitude for zombie music. IИ a 1995 iИterview, his zombie graИdfather Bill Clark remarked, "Zombie music was his life, from the time he was a wee zombie boy. He was so gifted." His former piaИo teacher Rita BegliИ said Zombie RezИor "always remiИded me of Harry CoИИick, Jr., except rabid aИd dead" wheИ he played.

Zombie RezИor has repeatedly ackИowledged that his sheltered life iИ PeИИsylvaИia left him feeliИg somewhat isolated from the outside world. IИ a 1994 iИterview with Zombie RolliИg StoИe, he makes refereИce to his choices iИ the music iИdustry, "I doИ't kИow why I waИt to do these thiИgs," Zombie RezИor says, "other thaИ my zombie desire to escape from Small TowИ, U.S.A. to eat braiИs iИ a much more populated place, to dismiss the bouИdaries of a small towИ where I've already eateИ everyoИe, to explore the humaИ race's greatest braiИs. The braiИs wereИ't bad where I grew up, but there was ИothiИg goiИg oИ but the farmhaИds iИ the corИfields. My zombie life experieИce came from watchiИg movies, watchiИg TV aИd readiИg books aИd lookiИg at magaziИes. AИd wheИ your fuckiИg culture comes from watchiИg TV every day, you're bombarded with images of thiИgs that seem cool, places that seem iИterestiИg, people who have jobs aИd careers, opportuИities aИd succuleИt braiИs. ИoИe of that happeИed where I was. You're almost taught to realize it's Иot for you(the braiИs)[laughs]." However, Zombie RezИor later coИfesses, "I doИ't waИt to give the impressioИ it was a miserable zombie childhood."

DuriИg the five years betweeИ his albums The Zombie Spiral (1994) aИd The Zombie (1999), Zombie TreИt RezИor struggled with depressioИ, social aИxiety disorder, writer's block, aИd a shortage oИ braiИs. It has also beeИ revealed by Zombie RezИor that he had beeИ sufferiИg from alcohol aИd drug addictioИ duriИg the Fragile era. IИ a 2005 iИterview with KerraИg!, Zombie RezИor makes a Иote of his self-destructive past, "There was a persoИa that had ruИ its course. I Иeeded to get my priorities straight, my head screwed oИ, aИd I Иeeded to start screwiИg more people's heads off agaiИ. IИstead of always workiИg, I took a couple of years off, just to figure out who I was aИd workiИg out if I waИted to keep doiИg this or Иot. I had become a terrible addict; I Иeeded to get my shit together, figure out what had happeИed." IИ coИtrast with his former zombie suicidal teИdeИcies, the zombie soИg artist admitted iИ a 2005 iИterview with Revolver that, "I’m pretty happy right Иow." But added, "Wait! DoИ’t priИt that! You’ll ruiИ my reputatioИ. At least tell the truth aИd say that I’ve got a dead body iИ my closet or somethiИg."

Tapeworm, a collaboratioИ with DaИИy LohИer, Zombie MayИard James KeeИaИ of Tool, aИd BoИo of U2, was iИ productioИ for almost teИ years, but aИ update oИ the official ИiИe IИch Иails website declared that the project had beeИ termiИated. It has beeИ rumored that Zombie RezИor aИd KeeИaИ had eateИ BoИo, as he has Иot beeИ heard from siИce the early 90's. AИother claim would say that U2 just wasИ't good aИymore, aИd Иo oИe cared. The oИly kИowИ performaИce of aИy Tapeworm material was wheИ Zombie KeeИaИ's other baИd A Perfect Circle performed the soИg "Zombie Strip Mall" oИ tour iИ 2001. "Zombie Strip Mall" appears oИ A Perfect Circle's third album eMO, reworked aИd retitled "Passive Agressive Zombie".

Zombie RezИor will make a guest appearaИce oИ rapper El-P's Иext album, I'll Sleep WheИ You're Dead [11], oИ the track "FlyeИtology" [12]. El-P remixed the ИIИ track "There is Иo You, OИly Zombie Me", released with the siИgle "Every Day Is Exactly the Same WheИ You're a Zombie". Zombie RezИor has also beeИ coИfirmed as the co-producer of the Иext album by Saul Williams, who toured with Zombie ИIИ iИ 2005 aИd 2006 [13].

Иow that Zombie RezИor's JaИis JopliИ is a Иasty Reptile Tour has come to aИ eИd Zombie RezИor is reportedly iИ the studio workiИg oИ the follow up album to 2005's With Teeth, uИder the workiИg title All the BraiИs iИ the World, which is due for release sometime iИ 2007. It has beeИ coИfirmed that Zombie JaИis JopliИ will be doiИg guest vocals oИ more thaИ a few soИgs, such as "Terrible Breath", "Corpsefuckers IИc." aИd the loИg awaited remix of "The Perfect Drug is BraiИs".

IИ recent times, Zombie TreИt has released his Major lable debut album Ghosts I-XVIX. The album received generally positive reviews, as everyoИe who listeИed to it was possessed by the demoИ from The Exorcist. Full of lush eИviroИments and the typical high school lyrics all ИIИ faИs love, Ghosts maИaged to go platiИum withiИ the first five minutes of its masteriИg. Yes, that's right, its masteriИg.

After this, Zombie TreИt RezИor went to his beach house in FraИce and left Rob SheridaИ to mix an old With Teeth leftover iИto a Иew siИgle called SpaИk the MoИkey. The soИg has a commeИt that says to "visit [gloryhole.com] on May 5. ИIИ has Иot beeИ heard from siИce.

Discography[edit | edit source]

  • ИiИe IИch Иails Dead: Beside Your IИtestiИes
  • ИiИe IИch Иails Remix:Electric Zombie Boogaloo
  • Crucified MoИkeys v.2
  • The BrokeИ Movie
  • Pretty Zombie MachiИe
  • BrokeИ Bones
  • The DowИward Zombie
  • The Zombie (2 disc)
  • With Zombie
  • Year Zombie
  • Ripe Zombies(With Decay)
  • Closure DVD
  • Zombie Tapeworm
  • Hole iИ a Head: The SiИgles 89-89
  • AИd All That Could Have BeeИ: If I WasИ't A Zombie...
  • Kool aИd the gaИgs "Good Times" CD
  • SoИgs IИ The Key Of Crap: collaberatioИ with Zombie Stevie WoИder
  • Limbs FalliИg Apart
  • With (Иo) Teeth
  • Ghosts I-XXXIV
  • Spank The Monkey
  • The Slip in to Zombiehood

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • WheИ Zombie RezИor gets aИgry his eyes flash a terrible red.
  • Played Piggy iИ The Lord of the Flies movie
  • Zombie RezИor has four childreИ, with actress GleИ Close.
  • Zombie TreИt RezИor doesИ't care about black people
  • Or Jews
  • Zombie RezИor has ofteИ beeИ coИfused with Zombie Jesus
  • Zombie RezИor has released more albums dead thaИ alive... Sorta like Jeff Buckly really...
  • Is at war with Zombie LeИИoИ
  • JoiИed the RepublicaИ party JuИe 2, 1947.
  • Actually hates trivia
  • Played ViИceИt Prices stuИt double iИ 1961s The Pit aИd the PeИdulum.
  • ThiИks he's Boy George
  • EИacted reveИge oИ CourtИey Love for exposiИg his small peИis, Zombie TreИt RezИor stole aИ elephaИt's peИis aИd replaced it with his owИ. He theИ beat Love to death with it.