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Me and my band wanted to promote our first album on MTV. So we made this video for one of our songs, which was a parody of Mentos commercials. The next thing you know, people were stoning us with Mentos during our shows. So we stopped playing the song live for awhile. What people didn't realize was that we were actually making a parody about the name of our band. We were never comfortable with this name, from the very beginning. Sometimes we even try to understand this name in retrospect. So we decided to use Uncyclopedia to try and figure out the roots of our decision to name our band, well, Foo Fighters.

Foo is another word for the variable X. So any word can replace Foo, really. It could be Freedom Fighters, Cancer Fighters - whatever comes to your mind. We are fighting something which is unknown. You could say we are fighting the unknown. In other words, we are fighting to know a certain thing which we do not know at the moment. So you could say we are learning, actually. So Foo Fighters means Learners. I think that's fucking beautiful. You should always try to learn from everything that happens to you. And we even have a song which explains exactly how we came up with the name. It's called "Big Me" and it has a beautiful video which criticizes mentals who chew gum and watch stupid commercials all day instead of trying to learn something, goddamn it. And if we're going to get stoned for it, then nevermind. At least we're not called Hole.