Known Celebrity Murderers

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The following is a list of celebrities known to have killed other celebrities or other people.

Courtney Love[edit | edit source]

Victims:[edit | edit source]

Courtney Love is a volatile and dangerous individual who masquerades as a stable and protective mother. She is known for being married to Kurt Cobain, and later framing his murder as a suicide She is also responsible for the murder of her own bandmate, and several other prominent grunge musicians. Courtney Love was the frontwoman for a band by the name of Hole formed in 1989. This band however, was complete dog-shit. She later married Nirvana front-man Kurt Cobain, became extremely jealous of Nirvana and his success, and later murdered him by presumably, hiring a hitman who shot Kurt point blank in the face with a 20-gauge, Remington M11 semiautomatic shotgun. The body was then dragged to the greenhouse above Kurt's garage where it would be found by electrician Gary Smith. Later on that year, Kristen Pfaff, a friend of Kurt, would be murdered by 'an overdose of Opioids'. Kristen was known to have been friends with Kurt, which angered Love. Then in 1997, Eldon Hoke came clean saying he was offered fifty-thousand dollars to kill Kurt Cobain, but passed the idea on to a friend. Days after these claims Hoke was found decapitated on railroad tracks in California.

In the early 2000s, Courtney struck again by poisoning Alice in Chains front-man Layne Staley in his Seattle condo with a mixture of cocaine and heroin. His body was found two weeks later and his date of death was determined to be the same day as Kurt's, just 8 years apart. Love would then take a hiatus to try and regain popularity with her 'band' Hole, this however failed after she said some questionable things about her deceased husband and daughter in Brazil, before storming offstage. She then realized that she would need to finish off the rest of the grunge musicians to be sure Hole would be the only relevant grunge band left. Her next target was Scott Weiland of the Stone Temple Pilots, who had already overdosed in his tour bus in Minnesota. In 2017, she had Chris Cornell strangled to death with an exercise band in Detroit. So far, her two remaining targets remain alive, Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, and Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters.