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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Oscar Wilde on Word Salad

Angel left wing, right wing, broken wings. Lack of iron and or sleeping. Protector of the kennel, ectoplamic exoskelletal obituary. Birthday, your face is still here in my place of recovery!

Kurt Cobain on Word Salad

I couldn't really tell the difference...

Noel Coward on Oscar Wilde's Word Salad Days

You... you are me; in windows.

Lettuce: base or bane? It is both, within my migraine. He lets me, they say, bounce off the walls. I pertain to trends! Oh, for the sweet flower-esque boar I have missed. Men catch my fall and extrovertedly entertain me! I don't like to talk about it.

Challenge is disastrous. Circles don't fill me. Aches, they come, from what is spoken! A... aa... one... a. An. A tomato is sweetness and pain when thrown. To combine and to succeed, it is fashionable! To fail is faliure and ergo pretence! Populations are safe and saved, leaving poor tonsillitis. It hurts me, it flowers condemnation. You are me; you... jackhammer, boar, producer and exporter of shakiness, and to accentuate is noising myself! Gelatinous absorbance makes for overall good. Solarn't, negativity positive ranking. Structure, also, is defended. Weakness... weakness is not. You are still me. How charming!

Perfection, it is needed. Houses of mirrors flourish, becoming situations unknown and ineffective, flying in the face of humanity and logic. Solarity, solidarity. The heat, the energy. Preparation will inevitably be the antithesis of perfection. Ham, the unnecessary ingredient, will prevail. Bacon bits! Nutrition will not be necessary for perfection. Meanderingly, so positively, it will normalise and shower itself according to mystery. Confusion, an element, will not. That is the mystery of perfection.

What of my bone?

You are still in me. Registry is irrelevant. Language is but a shield, coca-cola is but child-bait. Humour, your humour is mine. Philosophy, a statement, in epigrammatical relief. I have not this shield, I am damned all the same. I purge the inquisitor for the addition of condiment; praising said child for sweetcorn. Reformation is negatively positive, as necessity has itself.

"We are travelling together towards the vehicle," I said, I told him, millenium hand and shrimp.

I have but the supplies henceforth. I cam a cancerous dog, offensive to all, but one with good bone. Blood is flowing to this bone, and I am all the sweatier for it. Relief is unprofession, unless on video. Child, boy, it makes no difference. My bone awaits. It aches, it is fossilise, it is philosophy, it is perfection.


Tommy Rhubarb[edit]

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Capital Astro Glacier Fjord.

Her Petter Of Pretexts[edit]

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Licorice Rump!

Star Cheese Muffin Man[edit]

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Mighty, Turtle Applegrass Breath

Rapid Also[edit]