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The contents of this article are extremely speculative and accurate. Information here will be vindicated over time.

Version 1.0 is the working name of an expected software product, perhaps from a large company, like IBM or Microsoft, or equally likely from a small, up-and-coming startup with a kooky name. Regardless, this software product will be very innovative and will save time and money for many people. In an unsigned press release on an anonymous web site, a spokesperson stated that the first BETA of the product will roll out a year or two from now, and will wow and amaze everyone with its coolness and ease of use. Expectation of the product's release will fill many technology magazines with hype and buzzwords, and stock brokers' phones will ring off the hooks as scores of investors pump large sums of money into the product's creator, driving up its share price.

Development[edit | edit source]

According to unofficial sources, the product was developed with a best-in-breed development methodology following best practises in the sector to which the product belongs. It is possible the software was developed with a traditional conception of software design, that is the waterfall model, in which developers pass schematics and code on to the next stage upon completion. On the other hand, it is equally likely the software used a more advanced software development model like the one being taught as standard in university computer science programs. This is, of course, the spiral model of programming, where teams finish all stages of the life cycle on a prototype then the product is examined and flaws corrected. It is even conceivable the corporation/sole-proprietorship risked relying on an unproven, leading-edge, "paradigm-shifting" development process such as that of "extreme programming," emphasizing agile issue-response, close communication, and pipeline-channel infrastructure involving a "user story," ensuring the product will meet all the needs of the customer. Version 1.0 is believed to have been tested in-house first in an "Alpha" release, then released to a wider audience for so-called "Beta" testing, giving prospective users a unique chance to identify flaws in the product before its final release.

Installation[edit | edit source]

It is expected that this package will be delivered by an installer or setup program, perhaps on a CD, possibly via a secured Internet download.

User Interface[edit | edit source]

It is believed this program will have menus and a toolbar. The program will in all likelihood include a File menu with file system-oriented commands; an Edit menu with options pertaining to the clipboard and aspects of the document's contents; and a View menu for changing the program's interface to better serve the user. A Help menu will provide access to myriad, possibly web-based, facilities to assist the user with any problems that may arise while making use of the software. The software may also have a sidebar for easy access to the many commands the application offers. The application will feature a status bar giving the user the heads-up as to the operation the application is performing at the present time. The program's window will have the capability of becoming iconic or minimised, and equally, the ability to become maximised, filling the entire screen. The package is expected to have several dialogue boxes, from which the user can give specific instructions. The program's main window will display a view of the document the user is currently working on, or should they close it, the application workspace background.

A preliminary prototype screenshot prompted fiercely opinionated editorials despite it being indecipherable.

Cost[edit | edit source]

The program's affordability will be outpaced only by its compact download size. It will be licensed for use on one to several computers, for home or office use, or perhaps for both. A discount will be available for schools so students can become proficient early on in the program's usage.

Editions[edit | edit source]

  • Standard - This edition will expose only rudimentary features required to do only the most basic of tasks. Some important features will be omitted. This will be distributed as a loss leader to stimulate the purchase of the more advanced versions.
  • Professional - Will fully feature a set, full featureset. More than adequate for any ordinary large-business task. Features will include MDH, embedding, relational fastening, DSR, and QuickDart.
  • Audacious - This edition is the most advanced ever. While it costs 10x more than the edition above, it offers the most supreme set of features for doing whatever task the product does, as well as some features that few but the mightiest kings of Arabia would utilise. Includes advanced mortification, duty-free spline-boxing, and corporate hegemony control rapturing automation.

Features[edit | edit source]

The package's features are expected to be numerous, catering to both the simple-minded and advanced user. The program will have the ability to scan the user's hard drive, from retrieving lost documents, to cleaning up registry entries, to removing harmful executable code and viruses maybe. It is anticipated that the program will be able to process large amounts of information such as business information, accounting statistics, baseball game plays, complex schedules, Internet web sites, drug trials, or the human genome. The information management the program provides will be the paramount element in its design, as the application analyses, compresses, and simplifies the information for attractive display in the program's user interface. At the same time, the experienced user will have the capability to "drill down" and discover important details of supply chains, proteins, side effects, use case statistics, expenses, inventory losses, employee morale, or product design model issues. Additionally, the user will have the intuitive tools in hand, to modify the information and models presented and easily generate schematic drawings of word-processed, cross-referenced, properly cited mass mailing documentary media, backed up with powerful and compelling presentation audio and visuals, and a seamless, inexpensive, and scalable deployment and distribution system.

These features will quickly become available using web-based AJAX, WAP phone, bluetooth, wireless, browser plugin, or direct-to-PDA import/export, allowing the user to work from home, office, the park, or whatever place is convenient.

Impact[edit | edit source]

This software technology will be covered by several software patents, which will stir up some controversy in the European Union. The majority of the corporations, non-profit organisations, governments, and people, however, will hail the software package as fuelling a dramatic increase in productivity, global health, bureaucratic efficiency, and lifestyle quality. It will be a boon to the efficiency of their staff, aid workers, public servants, and selves alike. The product's impact will be felt in all technology sectors, marking a dramatic paradigm shift in the way business is done the world over as Version 1.0 becomes a household name. Truly this will be the killer app to end all killer apps.