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Here's a comprehensive list of all characters in "The Days" that have appeared in media which has multiple entries. Stars denote bad guys!



Mario makes a brief appearance in scenes 2, 26, and 40 in the film. He is seen doing the usual stuff: jumping under boxes, beating dudes, etc.


Appearing as Super Duper Luigi, he helps a child fish. This is all we could find in the film.


Unlike most of his appearances, Bowser appears as a nice guy in this film. He made some changes to not be a bad guy anymore. For instance, he is going to use the Koopa Troop for good, not evil. He plays a central role in solving the major conflict.

Princess Peach[edit]

That is not okay!

The Princess on that sexual abuser she beat

Retaining her role as a badass in Smash Bros., she helps random characters with social dilemmas until she unleashes hell on a guy sexually abusing his girlfriend. Following that scene, she walks Chuck around a mall.


Wigglers play a big part in the movie. Several of these guys will be covered.


Unlike most Wigglers, Bumpy is known to feast on human flesh. It is unknown why he would be eating people.


Rodney is one of the smartest Wigglers alive. He devises plans for the good guys to overthrow the Bad Guys.


The only appearance of the title character is at the intermission scene where 288 Kirbys are doing a variation of their signature dance.


Bonkers is a purple gorilla with a hammer and coconuts and serves as the source of the Hammer copy ability. In most of his appearances, he is seen fighting with the Polar Bear due to similarities in body mass.

Bandana Waddle Dee[edit]

The Bandana Waddle Dee once joined a soccer team to help win a match against the Bad Guys- "The Greatest Game of Soccer Ever Played."

Dead Rising[edit]

It has been stated by Alex that these are the definite protagonists in this movie.

Chuck Greene[edit]

The survivor of a major zombie outbreak, he jumps back into action to save the universe from some bad guys. His daughter, Katey, died from her infection. This is used to justify why he's all by himself. It's up to him to use his newfound skills to take on a new evil. He's currently looking for a new wife. Who could it be? Chuck is one out of many characters who retains his previous roles in this movie.

Frank West[edit]

I've covered wars, y'know. I've shopped at stores, y'know. I've slept with whores, y'know. I've opened doors, y'know. I've had s'mores, y'know. Zombies are carnivores, y'know. I'm covered in sores, y'know. I've polished floors, y'know. I've fought Thors, y'know.

Frank West on his career

Everybody loves him!


As opposed to other characters in the film, Frank presents one of the biggest roles in it- serving as the leader of the Good Guys and using his skills to dig dirt on the Bad Guys. In one of his most famous scenes, he does many acts of kindness to random people. Like Chuck, he retains his role as a reporter.

Other Honorables[edit]

Alex does not own the title. To compensate, the roster here has a total of 4 characters.


I hate [insert thing that Francis hates here]!

Francis on Everything

This pretty much explains him. You've seen the videos, we wouldn't want to be redundant. Right? He doesn't use a bike in the entire film, that's for sure.


Main article: Pills

Retaining the role that he had previously, he goes out to cover the truth about the bad guys. He is C.J.'s best friend as well, but we'll get to that later.