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The sheep choir of Pakistan makes up 94% of Pakistan's economy through touring countries such as Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Iraq, (basically any countries that are desperate).

The members are:

  • Bimmy - The lead vocalist.
  • Jimmy - Background Vocals.
  • Timmy - Organ.

Group Experience[edit | edit source]

They have been running as a band since 1974, where they met while attending their local Mosque. Bimmy's parents had always wanted him to become a doctor, and they strongly disagreed with him joining the band.

Saddened, Bimmy ran away and the three of them lived together in a small island off the coast of Pakistan, composing their own music in private.

Jimmy and Timmy's Relationship[edit | edit source]

On 30th January, 2009, following a widely successful tour, Jimmy and Timmy announced they were gay sheep and they were going to get married.

The wedding took place on 9th May 2009, which was not attended by Bimmy for unknown reasons.

Bimmy's Suicide[edit | edit source]

On the 10th May, 2009, following Jimmy and Timmy's wedding, Bimmy was found in his house, dead. The talented sheep had taken an overdose of grass, although, he wrote a note, which was released to the media:

Dear Jimmy and Timmy,

I have recently became jealous of you two's marriage and have committed this act. I have recently felt left out and excluded. Goodbye, friends,


Conspiracy[edit | edit source]

Some believe his apparent suicide was an act of murder, which some think was performed by the evil Cow Choir of Turkey.

The Authorities of Pakistan closed the case, dismissing these claims, this further adds to suspicions of corruption in the government, especially with the recent disappearance of India's population.

((NOTE FROM GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN: The disappearance of India's population has a simple explanation: they accidentally all fell into the sea.))

The Sheep Choir of Pakistan's biggest Hits:[edit | edit source]

  • Baa Beh Baa - No. 1 in Iraq for 24 years.
  • Beeh Baa - No. 2 in USA for 10 days.
  • Baa Baa Baa Baa - Bill Oddie admitted this was his Number 1 record of all time.
  • Beh Baa - Was widely considered as offensive, banned in 56 countries.
  • Baa - Tony Blair's funeral featured this music.