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Krav Maga practitioners, being Jewish and therefore having an extreme dislike of spending money, save on the costs of punch bags by simply filling a sack with demolition rubble. Using boxing gloves or any other device intended to protect the knuckles is likely to result in stern, disapproving words from the practitioner's rabbi and can even result in cherem (similar to Catholic excommunication), which in extreme cases may include reattachment of the foreskin.


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“Frankly, I'm very worried.”

“Wooooaaa! I know Kung Jew!”

~ Neo on Krav Maga

Picture the scene. You're on your way home after a pint of twelve at a bar, minding your own business, when you see a skinny Jew boy walking the other way towards you. You laugh at his funny clothes and silly sideburn things and then, because you suddenly realise there's no witnesses and you're in the mood for a spot of good old-fashioned antisemitic violence, you decide to beat him up.

Half a second later you discover yourself on the ground with your spine snapped into three lying next to you and your brain leaking out of your eye sockets. "WTF happened...?" you ask yourself, as the icy blackness descends over you. The answer is simple: Krav Maga happened.

You see, what you didn't know - but now do - is that there are two types of Jews: normal Jews, who spend all of their time reading and worrying about what their mother will think, and hard-as-fuck Jews who know Krav Maga.

Etymology and Terminology[edit]

The name Krav Maga comes from the ancient Hebrew term להיות באמת מזוין קשה which, roughly translated, means being really fucking hard.

Rather than awarding different coloured belts to signify which level has been reached, Krav Maga practitioners are awarded Hebrew titles. The first of these, awarded to every new student as they attend their first Krav maga class, is הולך להביא את ראשו בעט ("Going to get his head kicked in") and the last, highest level is המנטליסט - נמנע הטוב ביותר ("Mentalist - avoid at all costs"). Unlike karate, judo and other fighting sports, Krav Maga practitioners claim not to partake in official tournaments as the technique is not a martial art - however, they do hold competitions known as קרבות, or "fights."


KravMaga is an ancient Israeli combat method which was developed by Moses. It is also known as "Jew-Jitsu" or "Kung Jew". It has been a veritable cornucopia of technical innovation, leading to such spinoffs as the Krav Maga adjustable bed, which was used by Krav Maga practitioners use to soothe their aching backs after practice. This important because many half-asleep Krav Maga experts, misinterpreting the discomfort caused by normal beds as a threat, have accidentally smashed the bed into sawdust without even waking up. Buying a new bed every day becomes expensive, and no Jew wants to spend money when he can avoid doing so.

Moses and the Origins of Krav Maga[edit]

Exodus 4:20-18,7: One day, as Moses led his flock to Mount Horeb, he saw a bush burning without being consumed. When he turned aside to look more closely at this marvel (bushes and fire having only been invented during the Creation a few years previously), God, in the shape of a street thug, jumped out from the bush and attacked Moses with a knife in the oriental hold. Moses instinctively blocked the attack and immediately turned defence into offence, delivering many punches and kicks until God lay at the feet of Moses, groaning and holding his crotch. God slowly picked himself off the ground and uttered:

Thus, did God slowly limp back into the bush and disappear. Moses was later fined for starting a fire in the wilderness by the Egyptians. He later challenged the fine and performed a perfect body evasion and multiple counterattacks on the guard who attacked him with a spear for defying the Pharaoh's order.

A Krav Maga/Jew-Jitsu practitioner, ready to kick some major Arab ass (and yours too, probably).

When Moses grew to manhood, he went one day to see how his brethren, bondmen to the Egyptians, fared. Seeing an Egyptian practicing pressure point techniques on a Hebrew, he killed the Egyptian with a throat strike and hid his body in the sand, supposing that no one would be disposed to reveal the matter. The next day, seeing two Hebrews sparring with high kicks, he endeavored to separate them, whereupon the Hebrew who was wronging his brother attempted to kick Moses with a high roundhouse. Moses instinctually blocked the kick, controlled the leg and counterattacked with a knee in the groin. The Hebrew fell to the ground and he was in much pain.

"Thou shalt not use high kicks, brother, for they revealeth your manhood for attack," said Moses. And he taught them how to properly defend against armed and unarmed attacks. Later, the same Hebrews were not believed when they claimed to have been taught by Moses himself, instead being told that a man by the name of Aizik had invented the entire method of combat.

God also commissioned him to go to Egypt and teach all of his brethren, so that they might be freed from their bondage through much asskicking. Moses was met on his arrival in Egypt by his elder brother, Aaron, who had been studying strange oriental methods, which seemed to consist of wild flailing of the arms and many high kicks. Moses sighed at Aaron's attempts to be manly. Frustrated and humiliated, Aaron seized a bow, and attempted to fire it at Moses at close range from the front. Moses deflected the bow, which fired, and narrowly missed his head. He then counterattacked with many knees to the groin, until Aaron begged him to stop.

“I merely wish to learn how to fight the Egyptians,” whimpered Aaron.

Moses demonstrates the use of improvised weaponry. The text "Ephraim was here!" and "Yo momma so fat... (continued on next tablet)" clearly visible on the tablet.

Moses smiled at his brother, and told him that was why he was there. And he taught his brother many ways of armed and unarmed defense. In later years, not even Aaron was believed to have been taught Krav Maga from the source, and he was told that a man by the name of Moni was the developer of Krav Maga.

The reputation of Moses' skills had traveled far. The Hebrews celebrated his arrival and vowed to follow him. It was a more difficult matter, however, to persuade the Pharaoh to let the Hebrews depart. This was not accomplished until Moses struck the Pharaoh's testicles in a vicious manner, leaving the ruler of the Egyptians crying on his knees, whereupon such terror seized the Egyptians that they ordered the Hebrews to leave.

The children of Israel started toward the eastern border at the southern part of the Isthmus of Suez. The long procession stopped many times to train, thus their progression was slow. They eventually passed the Egyptian frontier. Meanwhile the Pharaoh, yet holding an ice pack to his crown jewels, had a change of heart and was in pursuit of them with a large army equipped with protective cups. Shut in between this army and the Red Sea, the Israelites despaired, but Moses called out to the sea to make way, and Poseidon himself appeared out of the waters, and launched an attack at Moses with his trident. Moses, quite frustrated with this treatment, performed a diversion of the trident and many counterattacks to Poseidon's groin, who eventually split the ocean and let the Israelites pass. As the egyptians also wished to pass the sea, Poseidon challenged the Pharaoh, who desperately attempted pressure point techniques on the sea god, and eventually ended up impaled on the god's fearsome weapon. It is said that the Pharaoh was left on the trident, erect in the sand, as a warning to any who would use such unproven measures in real situations.

After all this was accomplished Moses was warned that he would not be permitted to lead Israel across the Jordan River, but would die on the eastern side. He assembled the tribes and delivered to them a parting seminar. When this was finished, and he had pronounced a certification upon the people, he went up Mount Nebo to the top of Pisgah, looked over the country spread out before him, and died, at the age of one hundred and twenty. God Himself buried him in an unknown grave. Moses remains the only Grand Master level 4 of Krav Maga.

Krav Maga in the Six-Day War[edit]

It is widely known that the Arab-Israeli conflict known as the Six-Day War was won almost entirely thanks to an elite Israeli unit trained in Krav Maga. The ball-kicking prowess of this unit far surpassed anything the world had previously seen. According to some accounts, the battlefields were strewn with detached testicles, and groans of agony were reportedly heard echoing throughout the lands for years after the flat thuds of the ballkickings ended.

Style of fighting[edit]

An example of the mighty power of the Krav Maga kick to the balls

The thing that separates Krav Maga from other martial arts is the extensive use of kicks to the balls. The different techniques, tactics, training and conditioning for kicking balls in Krav Maga now accounts for about 95% of the martial art making it the martial art with most kicks to the groin/time. It even surpasses more focused spare time activities in kicking balls such as ball busting. A kick to the balls made by a Krav Maga black belt is so fierce that you have to be a woman to survive it (since women luckily lack balls).

Defeating somebody who is skilled in Krav Maga[edit]

Sometimes letting the other guy ever get up again is a luxury they can, and should do without. Especially if your opponent a half starved Palestinian in a slum who has got a little to close for comfort and is letting you try out some of your army skills...
Anne Frank on Good Competition and why humanitarianism is badly learned by formally oppressed people

Basically, you cannot. However, it is possible to increase one's chances by attacking them from two or three miles away with a high-powered sniper's rifle - but do be warned that many experts are likely to catch the bullet in their teeth, chew it up and then spit the remains back at you in a supersonic stream of deadly micro-bullets and semi-chewed bagel.

Of course this fighting discipline is more suited to the kind of fighter who sees competition as an unnecessary aside to completely knackering up an opponent every time. To defeat a skilled Krav Maga fighter, it's best to simply get good at the elements they stole form other fighting arts such as Aikido and Boxing. Better still just drop that fucker yid with some BJJ and make him eat Marmite. Overall it's probably better to avoid conflict in the first place, as most Krav Maga fighters are either women who've taken a course and you have just tried to sexually assault them - and it's likely they will be quite upset with you. Or it will be the Israeli army who will just get a sniper or an F15 to kill you, your family and your neighbours.

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