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Not to be confused with Uncyclopedia:Requested Articles/watchlist. (That page is for requests that have been fulfilled; this is for requests of dubious merit that have not been fulfilled.)

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If you would like to fill a request from this page, please post on the talk page.

This page contains article requests that I have decided not to post directly to Uncyclopedia:Requested Articles because of reservations about the suitability of the requests. I have placed the information here so that I can have time to examine the suitability and refine the description of each request.

On hold due to questionable topic[edit]

  1. This wording was obtained from[dead link]. It might be a slight oversimplification.
  2. The image on the right side of [1] shows constriction of the pupils as an adaptive mechanism in a Moken child.
  3. [2] Pay attention especially to "Kids learn to swim before they can walk" (p. 1) and the limitations of the Moken language (p. 3).
  4. [3] specifically the fact that they leave garbage in their boats instead of throwing it overboard, supposedly to prevent shark attacks
  5. [4]

On hold due to history of deletions[edit]

Nothing here at the moment

Article series[edit]

For Undictionary[edit]