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As of now (20:21, 26 January 2015 (UTC)), I am semi-retired indefinitely. (Indefinitely does not mean infinitely; in particular, I might return to active editing if HTTPS support is provided on this site.) This means that unless I receive an email notification about my user talk page, I will not be reading or editing here more often than once every couple of weeks or so.

I am usually busy with real life. I do not use IRC or any other form of instant chat.


Some special notes on the kind of cleanup I (ED: used to) do:

  • I will remove redlinked {{whoops}} on sight.
  • I will occasionally type "latex reported a failure" into an external search engine and attempt to clean up any Uncyclopedia results that appear. Since I am not a LaTeX expert, I may simply remove the offending formula if it does not contribute significantly to the humor.
    Note: The format of LaTeX error messages may have changed; try searching for "failed to parse" instead. This will appear in the article in bold red text.


Note: I do not watch the talk pages of these subpages very closely. If it is important, please use my main user talk page. *

*Just to make things easier for myself: Special:PrefixIndex/User talk:Pentium5dot1/


I hereby release all my textual contributions into the public domain. This applies retroactively to the extent enforceable by United States law.

This may not necessarily apply to images; see the template on the image page for the specific image in question.

I first placed this licensing information on my user page 22:45 (PDT?), 20 July 2007, and I last made substantive changes to it 11:12 (PDT?), September 25, 2009.

Although I lack the resources to ensure full enforcement (i.e. IANAL), please try to keep this information in mind and exercise utmost respect.