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Disambiguation: This page is not for requesting an article to be created. See Uncyclopedia:Requested Articles and User talk:Pentium5dot1.

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Pages to create[edit]

Note to self: Clean out this section and move anything worth saving to User:Pentium5dot1/UN:REQ holding cell

Need expert advice[edit]

  • Famicom Disk System (PLEASE WAIT...INSERT SIDE B...STILL LOADING... - I can develop that kind of gag just fine, but for the technical stuff in the article's intro, I need help)
  • Peter Singer (a modern utilitarian philosopher; see Wikipedia:Peter Singer for the scoop)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird (I'm not an expert on either OS-tan or the Mozilla Foundation/Corporation. Mozilla Thunderbird was originally a redirect to Mozilla Firefox, which was also the only article that used the redirect (forming an infinite loop). The redirect was deleted because of its uselessness.)
  • ISO 9000 (one carefully chosen use of an Over 9000 joke might be okay, but avoid using the video-game-piracy meaning of ISO; are there any business-management experts out there?)
  • Windows Home Server

Pages to fix (minor)[edit]

Real content issues[edit]


None at the moment

Pages to fix (major)[edit]


Need expert advice[edit]


Pee Reviews in Progress[edit]


Userbox issues[edit]

  • Make a userbox that says something like: "This user has been blocked from Wikipedia, because (s)he is a total idiot/dumbass/loser"
  • Make userboxes (possibly Babel-style) about DDR players (?)
  • Place Babel userboxes on my user page
  • Make a userbox for Caltech students


Arbitrary section break[edit]