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This page contains original synthesis, and it is poorly organized as a general reference.

All Vocaloid voices/characters, with the possible exception of Hatsune Miku(userfied)*, should be discussed together in a single article - see User:Joe9320/Vocaloid for a possible outline.

*This needs a major rewrite; the "Japan-Greece" idea should be dealt with elsewhere, but where?

For one possible direction in which to take the article, see subpage /Battle Royale. Since I've probably been too long-winded here and on the aforementioned subpage, see /in a nutshell for a summary of the main points.

Some notes on specific characters are below.

Megurine Luka[edit]

This voice is officially designed to support both Japanese and English.

This voice seems to be preferred for covers of Lady Gaga songs (example: Bad Romance).

TODO: Mention something about her "Tako Luka" form[1][2] and possible connections with Cthulhu[3].

Solitude Standing (Suzanne Vega album)[edit]

In particular the song "Luka" - It might be good to mention this, even though it's unrelated to the Vocaloid character and no Vocaloid remix of it exists yet. Official video - Don't confuse Suzanne Vega with the boy playing Luka...

Issues that need to be dealt with:

  • In the song, the titular Luka is an abused boy. Perhaps we could spin this so that Megurine Luka is singing about herself (or a long-lost brother) suffering abuse at an earlier age.
  • In the song, Luka lives on the "second floor" of an apartment building. However, Megurine Luka is designated as number 03. Does this matter? How could we "fix" this? (Don't just change the lyrics; that would mess up the prosody. Different countries use different floor numbering conventions, but that doesn't help here because Japan uses the US system.)
  • To what extent does fictional continuity exist between the song, "Tom's Diner," and "Solitude Standing"? My pet theory is that Luka volunteers as a waiter at Tom's Diner, and his parents are abusing him because they feel he is not doing a sufficiently good job. Solitude was the person standing outside the diner looking in during the events of "Tom's Diner."
    (What exactly was Solitude doing? Which Vocaloid character does Solitude correspond to? Perhaps we could cast some other Vocaloid character as a full-time employee at the diner? Some answers may be provided by the line "...'cause she sees her own reflection" in the lyrics — does this imply something about Kagamime Rin and Len, whose surname means roughly "mirror image"?)
  • (does this belong here or in a new section?) "Luka" was inspired by a real person named Luka Vega, who was not actually abused or of any relation to Suzanne Vega. Likewise, consider the possibility that Rin & Len have no family relation despite sharing a surname.

Kagamime Rin[edit]

The "petals" on Rin's head are ostensibly a part of her headband, but what if they are actually a non-removable part of her body? Why were the "petals" placed there in the first place, and what will happen if they are damaged? In particular:

TODO: The similar "petals" on the front of her shirt can't be explained away so easily - does that matter?

Kagamime Len[edit]

He dies in a lot of fanmade videos — compare Kenny McCormick. TODO: Examples (for starters, here's an (English-language) parody of the phenomenon)